About Us

My name is Faraz Khan.

I got my master’s in Computer Science and I have worked with some of the biggest firms in the world in Media and Entertainment, Pharma and Life Sciences.

A few years ago when I went home visit my parents – it suddenly dawned on me that my parents were aging.

I noticed their energy levels were lower and they got tired more quickly. Their skin looked more wrinkled and they often complained of aches and pains.

I realized that, while my parents loved nothing better than spending time with me, I had spent all this time away from them, living my life, hanging out with my friends, being busy, busy, busy.

I had feelings of regret and shame that up until that moment, I had been thinking only of myself I started to wonder, how could I help them be healthier and more active so that we could enjoy fun experiences together, and fulfill some of my mom’s dreams of traveling the world?

Immediately I started researching ways and hacks to slow down the aging process. I started attending conferences on health and anti-aging; listening to podcasts and reading published scientific studies and a plethora of books.

What I learned AMAZED me!

I discovered that over the past 15 years, all the scientific advancements, studies of older populations and a vastly improved understanding of our biology, have resulted in exciting information on how to slow down the aging process today – and turn back our biological clock by many years, and get back the energy, skin, hormones we had many years ago.

Furthermore, there are very promising developments unfolding over the next 5-10 years that may make diseases like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes a thing of the past. We will be living like our much younger selves full or radiance, vigor and energy.

Anti-Aging Hacks Podcast

So I started a podcast where I could provide you with the latest and best information on how to slow down and even reverse your aging.

Every week, we will be interviewing a renowned and published expert on a certain topic in the exciting world of Anti-Aging and Longevity.

Imagine getting the best and most current, anti-aging and longevity expert advice in the world for FREE and in a simple way that you can follow along!

We hope you will join us in understanding that making 60 the new 30 may no longer have to be just a silly catchphrase.

Stay Young and Prosper.

P.s. Check out the Podcasts, they are full of great anti-aging and longevity tips from the top experts in the world.


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