Julie Olson, CFMP, BCHN, CN, CGP, is a triple-certified nutritionist and functional medicine expert, named a “Top 23 Expert to Watch in the Health & Wellness Space” by the Los Angeles Tribune Magazine, host of the “Healthy Body, Healthy Hair: The Truth About Hair Loss” summit and creator of the HealthyHairFix™ program which personalizes hair growth strategies by linking health, lab results and lifestyle to avoid long-term medications, procedures and products.

Here are the topics of discussion:

1:35 Julie’s background

  • Worked at Warner Bros and her mom got cancer
  • Went back to school to learn nutrition
  • Started helping women solve hair loss issues
  • She helps women with the internal imbalances

4:25 What are some of the causes for hair loss in women?

  • Julie finds that women lose hair in 4 overall categories of issues
  • Hormones, stress, inflammation and digestive issues
  • Malabsorbtion, detoxification issues, viruses, poor circulation, rapid weight loss, gut issues

7:45 What are the hormonal reasons for hair loss?

  • Testosterone to DHT pathway is a big one
  • Estrogen and progresterone start to fall in women’s 40’s and 50’s
  • Thyroid hormones are also important for hair growth

10:45 How to balance stress levels for healthy hair growth?

  • Getting quality sleep
  • Get adequate nutrients
  • Balance blood sugar and avoid spikes
  • Get protein in your body
  • Downshift during your day and at the end of your day

12:35 What are some gut issues that cause hair loss?

  • Julie finds that most women’s gut is a mess
  • They have malabsorption
  • Sometimes women can have SIBO and mast cell activation
  • Need to have a diverse microbiome to crowd out the bad bacteria

24:10 Julie’s perspective on hair loss shampoos?

  • Avoid formaldehyde, parabens, phthlates, sulfates and propylene glycol
  • Formaldehyde is linked to cancer
  • Shampoos are not that effective, but if you want to use one pick a shampoo with caffeine

27:00 What about having extensions in your hair?

  • Julie is not a fan of extensions because they can cause long term damage to the hair
  • They can weigh hair down and cause traction alopecia

30:20 Where you can find Julie?

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