Tom Paladino began researching Scalar Light during his undergraduate years, inspired by Nikola Tesla, the Father of Scalar Light research. In 1993, Tom studied the research notes and operated Scalar Light instruments developed by another expert, Galen Hieronymus. Tom credits much of his success to these two pioneers, Nikola Tesla and Galen Hieronymus.

He explains that there are two types of energy in the universe: Scalar Energy and electromagnetic energy. Scalar Energy, considered divine energy, is stored in the Sun, our solar system, and the stars. The laws governing Scalar Energy are distinct from those governing electromagnetic energy.

Here are the topics of discussion:

[1:43] Get to Know Tom Paladino

  • It starts with Nikola Tesla, the pioneering scientist who discovered and harnessed scalar energy.
  • Tesla’s vision included the wireless transmission of energy, and he frequently spoke about harnessing the energy of the sun.
  • This concept of solar energy marks a new chapter in energy generation.

[2:48] How Did You Harness Scalar Energy and the Potential Uses of Scalar Energy?

  • I’ve done this with wisdom from God and guidance from the American inventor Hieronymus family in the 90s.
  • Energy dictates nature; it is the fundamental cause of everything.
  • This scalar energy instrument behind me is all light and fundamental to nature.
  • The process involves using a person’s photograph and signature in the scalar energy field.

[7:25] Photograph and Signature in the Energy Field

  • A photograph serves as a light signature, unique to each individual like a fingerprint.
  • Placing a photograph in the scalar energy field connects to the person’s aura and energy field.
  • This process can balance chakras and correct brainwaves, improving overall energy and mental clarity.

[8:48] Healing Potential and Timeline

  • It depends on the condition. Many people report significant improvements within a couple of weeks, such as alleviation of symptoms from herpes or flu.
  • For more serious conditions, like back pain or cancer, it may take a few months for noticeable improvements.
  • Scalar energy is intelligent and infinite, and people generally feel much better after treatment.

[9:58] Where to Find Testimonies

  • Testimonies and detailed information are available on my website

[10:35] Addressing Common Health Issues

  • Scalar energy can help with conditions like obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. Some people have reported significant improvements after being on the program for a year.
  • Recent testimonies include tumor shrinkage in less than a month.
  • I work with a bilocated version of individuals through their photographs, which serve as their energy fields.

[13:18] Capacity for Healing

  • This instrument can work with up to 10 million photographs simultaneously.
  • The goal is to extend this healing method globally, aiming to reach at least a billion people a year.
  • The main challenge is the lack of knowledge and awareness about this new science of information and energy healing.

[14:51] Scalar Energy and Free Energy Suppression

  • Nikola Tesla’s discovery of scalar energy promises free, wireless energy, but the technology is suppressed due to its potential to disrupt global economic and political landscapes.
  • Free energy could change the world, but vested interests in maintaining power and wealth hinder its adoption.
  • Although aware of the potential dangers, I feel protected and acknowledge the presence of both good and evil forces.
  • Scalar energy can identify and negate disease imprints, such as the Epstein-Barr virus, by using a person’s photograph.

[18:08] How Scalar Energy Works with DNA

  • Scalar energy aligns with the DNA double helix, enabling it to correct DNA codes and motifs.
  • This technology can potentially treat various conditions by working with the energy field and DNA structure.

[19:36] Future of Scalar Energy Technology

  • I envision a grassroots movement for scalar energy, avoiding corrupt governments and corporate greed.
  • The goal is to help people on an individual basis and create a positive impact through widespread adoption.

[20:31] Impact on Mental Health

  • Scalar energy has shown to positively impact thoughts and mental health, similar to enlightening a light bulb.
  • Many users report an improved outlook on life after using the technology for a month or two.

[22:00] Positive Side Effects and Acceptance

  • Most people experience positive changes in their outlook on life after using scalar energy for a month or two.
  • The technology emits a double helix of divine energy, but users must be willing to accept and integrate these changes into their lives.

[23:08] Benefits for Young Entrepreneurs

  • Scalar energy can enhance brainwaves, potentially aiding young entrepreneurs in achieving the right mindset for success.
  • The technology promises to become a trillion-dollar industry, with significant implications for personal and professional growth.

[24:20] Where to Learn More

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