On this episode, I interviewed Dr. Alan Bauman on how he is using a facelift technique to help improve the quality of your hair.

Here are the topics we discover:

1. How PDO threads could have a positive benefit for hair (apart from being used in facelifts)

2. How is the procedure done and what results is Dr. Bauman seeing?

3. As a bonus, what is the secret to Dr. Bauman’s own hair?

1:02 – Success And Experience With New PDO Techniques?

– It takes PRP to the next level

– PDO threads were used for skin

– It stimulates hair growth and quality

– Very Quick visual responses in 90 days

– PDO stands for Polydioxanone

5:47 What threads are doing?

– There is no movement of the skin (No tightening effect)

6:14 What is the effect of PDO threads?

– Weak hair follicle regenerates, so they grow thicker, darker, longer, and stronger hair. PDO process can not make a new follicle to appear if it is dead

6:51 – Combining PDO Growth with PRP?

– PDO Process is a lot more reliable in terms of the impact that is having on the hair follicle.

– PDO turns weaker in stronger hair follicles.

– PDO Growth = PRP + PDO Process

7:48 – Is there a hair loss type where PDO seems more effective?

– PDO is also effective on hair follicle miniaturization.

– It would work very well on traction alopecia cases.

8:22 Response rate to PDO growth?

– Amazing outstanding responses.

9:12 How long do results last from PDO growth procedure?

– Polydioxanone is supposed to last in the skin about 6-12 months.

– Measuring every 90 days how the patient is responding.

10:01 How long does the procedure take?

– PDO takes 90 minutes.

10:12 How much does it hurt?

– You’re not going to feel it because they use a local anesthetic.

– 100% Painless placement of the PDO

10:47 Which clients are not good candidates for PDO procedure?

– It depends on your expectations, some areas will respond great, some will not.

12:02 This is the lunchtime procedure. Can patients go back to work after the procedure?

– Your scalp is going to be cleaned.

– Nothing is going to be visible.

– After PRP and PDO, the scalp is going to look a little bit pink.

– There are no restrictions in terms of activity.

– Don’t use a hairdryer, and don’t wash your head with hot water.

13:00 How safe is this procedure? Are there any side effects?

– It is 100% safe.

– Polydioxanone has been used in millions of surgical procedures in the last 40 years.

– If you react badly, it is possible to take threads out.

13:55 How to find your PDO provider?

– Look for the PDO growth trademark.

– If you want to learn how to do PDO, go to

15:03 What are you doing for your hair?

– Dr. Bauman was paranoid about his hair when he was growing up

– He regularly uses laser light therapy, topical medications and nutritional supplementation

16:06 How do you do consults with people?

– All consults are done personally

– Patients are going to have an hour to an hour and a half in the office

– Medical history

– Assesses medical risk factors – Measurements are done every time a patient comes to the office

16:52 Do you do virtual consults with people?

– Remote or video consults are available via Skype, Zoom, Facetime…

– There is a limit to what they can do online.

17:51 Where people can find you online?


– instagram at @dralanbauman, twitter at @dralanbauman

– There is a lot of information on that website

– Before and after photos are available

– More than 9000 procedures since 1997!

– One of the first hair surgeons on YouTube

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