On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, we discuss the benefits of Sound Therapies, particularly Sound Baths.

 Here are the main topics:

1. How Ancient Cultures used sound for healing

2. The scientific and proven benefits of sound therapies, including Sound Baths

3. How to participate in a Sound Bath and what to expect (hint, there is no water involved)

There is a bonus in this podcast, you get to hear what a sound bath actually sounds like for a few minutes.

Agnes Kazmierczak is a former Ballroom Dance Champion with passion for wellness and spiritual development. During her own healing journey from a traumatic loss of a loved one and auto-immune disease , she discovered the incredible power of sound bath and breath work meditation.

Her passion for metaphysics and and healing arts led her to study these modalities and her mission is to share these with with as many people as possible.

Here are the show notes of this episode:

How did Agnes get into Sound Bath

– Was a competitive ballroom dancer at a young age

– Experienced sound bath for the first time and felt great

– Sound therapy for wellbeing goes back thousands of years

– Sound was used by Egyptians, American Indians, Tibetans, and many other cultures to heal and relax, so definitely an anti-aging hack

What instruments are used in Sound Bath

– Gongs are some of the most used instruments 

– Crystals which are tuned into chakras in our body

– Tibetan Bowls, and chimes etc.

– These are tuned to different frequencies which can relax and nurture

Benefits of Sound:

– Multiple studies support the benefits of sound

– Music reduces anxiety for people who are going into surgery

– Stroke patients recovered faster after exposure to music

– Cancer went away after subjects sang for a few hours every day

– Singing bowl meditation reduced feelings of tension, anxiety and depression and increased feelings of well being

– Because these lead to relaxation and wellness, and anti-aging

My experience with Sound Bath

– Quite relaxing, got cold

– The sound felt like it was ringing in my ear

– Felt very relaxed after, and didn’t want to stand up after the session

Other Details about Sound Bath:

– Still an alternative therapy, and is not covered by insurance

– People come with specific expectations, but most of them are coming for relaxation

– Effects should last for a few days at least

– Very low risk, and if you are very sensitive to sound then you shouldn’t do it

Agnes’ Information:

Website: Movementoflife

Instagram: @lifewithagnes

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