On this podcast Faraz Khan brings on Davide Vigano, CEO of Sensoria, to discuss the use of smart garments for health and longevity.

Davide Vigano is Cofounder & CEO of Sensoria Health, the leading developer of Remote Patient Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence smart garments wearable solutions.

Under his leadership, the Sensoria multidisciplinary team is at the forefront of innovation and it has envisioned, designed, developed, patented and commercialized some of the very first sensor infused footwear, apparel and accessories now available around in the world.

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What Is Sensoria?

  • The goal is to transition from bulky computing to transparent computing
  • Garments and footwear are digitally transformed
  • Sensoria collects biometric data with garments
  • Platform for leveraging components for multiple devices

What Are Sensoria Products?

  • Socks – contains a micro-computer to help determine risk of falls by assessing movement of foot in space
  • After a stroke, this would be great for rehabilitation
  • Can create data sets with the sock such as center of mass, balance and more
  • A clinician can review the patient’s data and take action – rehab
  • They have partnered with Dr William Padula to use the socks to prescribe balance correcting glasses
  • This is important for an aging population because falls are a big concern

NeurOptrek For Balance & Fall Prevention

  • Patient wears smart socks and walks 20 feet
  • That data will allow the clinician to prescribe prism lenses that helps the patient balance better
  • Partnering with Michael J Fox to do a clinical study with the socks for patients with Parkinson’s
  • The sock can even give you haptic feedback to prevent you from falling
  • Sensoria is also coming up with exercises that people can do to reduce risk of falls

Sensoria Knee Device

  • Connects to a knee brace
  • Helps people do knee rehab correctly

Wheelchair Users Reduce Risk Of Ulcers

  • Specific mobile applications helps wheelchair users do pressure relief exercises
  • Includes a pad with sensors to measure pressure while seated
  • Left lean, right lean and forward lean can help reduce sensors

Boot Product Called FootDefender

  • Designed a boot that is functional
  • Helps reduce risk for people with diabetic foot ulcerations
  • Doing a clinical research with USC
  • Doctor can prescribe this boot that relieves pressure on areas with ulcers

Where Can you Find Davide and Sensoria

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