On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, I have Dr. Sandra Kaufmann talk about exciting how to slow down aging using supplements.

We discuss how to slow down the aging process. We disuss:

1. The 7 reasons your body ages

2. How to slow down the aging process by taking (anti-aging) supplements targeted to the 7 reasons for aging

3. Other beauty and anti-aging tips to look and feel young

Dr. Kaufmann received her medical Degree at the University of Maryland, and completed a residency and fellowship at Johns Hopkins in the field of pediatric anesthesiology. For the last five years she has been the Chief of Pediatric Anesthesia at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, a nationally recognized center of excellence. Most recently, she was recognized as “Best in Medicine” by the American Health Council.

Her avid interest in the science of anti-aging began many years ago as an intense hobby. Utilizing her knowledge in cell biology, human pharmacology and physiology, this hobby has now become a main focus. The project represents years of non-clinical research leading to the first, ever, comprehensive theory of aging.

02:13 How did Dr. Sandra Kaufmann figure out about anti-aging?

In terms of aging, Dr. Kaufmann got interested because she started as a self healer biologist.

When she hit 44 years, she took a look at her medical background.

03:22 How did you find the time to do all the research to slow down aging and write the book?

It took 4-5 years to write the book. In the evening, she would do the homework with her kids.

04:06 Dr. Sandra Kaufmann’s 7 tenets of aging

1) DNA alterations 

DNA is our information depot.

Issues with aging in this category include epigenetic modification, accumulation of DNA damage, and telomeric integrity.

Epigenetic modification encompasses changes to the “packaging” of the DNA, including methylation, histone modification, and the like.

Epigenetic clock measures the methylation of your DNA and is also a good indicator of physiological age vs. chronological age.

Telomeres, the caps, or ends of DNA, are known to shorten over time and are broadly correlated to the length of life.

2) Energy requirements

Mitochondria, cellular organelles, serve as our energy source.

These organelles are rate-limiting over time as NAD availability in the cell declines, second to either damage from free radicals or simply declining availability of raw materials.

3) Cellular pathways

The pathways are our aging or anti-aging pathways, such as the AMP Kinase, the Sirtuin, or the mTOR pathways.

These are like enzymatic dominoes that can either direct your cells and tissues to age or not age.

4) Quality Control

This category includes the DNA and Protein Repair mechanisms, which are key to repairing the ongoing damage inside your cells.

As you get older and the damage becomes more extensive, these mechanisms get a bit stressed.

This category also includes intracellular autophagy, a mechanism for cellular recycling.

5) Immune system 

The cells that compose the immune system constitute your security system.

Over time, unfortunately, this system becomes problematic and causes the body to be in a state of chronic and systemic inflammation.

Also, the failing immune system causes an increase in infection and cancer, and leads to chronic inflammation.

6) Individual cell requirements

Depending on the lifespan of particular cells, some live for days while some last a lifetime, their particular needs can be specialized.

Some require an increased pool of nutrients, while others have more issues with trash accumulation.

7) Waste Management

Every cell has requirements for living, such as oxygen and glucose. Unfortunately, these can lead to increased aging.

As an example, glucose forms molecular complexes called Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs), which are very destructive.

As well, longer-lived cells produce cellular waste, called lipofuscin, which accumulates and eventually causes space issues.

09:43 Top five really important compounds for people to start to slow down aging?

She found a “panacea”, 5 agents that can really help slow down aging.

*Pterostilbene – sirtuin pathway activator

*Astaxanthin – comes from algae, and sucks up free radicals

*Nicotinamide – this is a derivative that turns into NAD, could be Nicotinamide Riboside or NMN

*Carnosine – Natural dipeptide, prevents burn in muscles and helps get rid of the glucose problem

*Curcumin – one of the top anti-inflammatories, it blocks cytokinin release so it is great against COVID as well. This must be bioavailable.

*EGCG – helps improve fat loss  

13:21 Any further clarification on 40 ish?

One person’s 40 is not another person’s 40.

Period of 40 years old is when people really recognize how well they are aging.

15:02 What people can do to have a better vision?

  • Presbyopia affects people at 40, inability of lens and muscles to move. This has to do with the glycation of fibers to lens.
  • Enough blood does not reach the eyes which means anti-oxidants cannot help

We need to use eye drops.

Carnosine eye drops, tested and showed positive results. 

*SKQ1 VISOMITIN drops (they have to be refrigerated)

18:03 Where do you get NAD and which ones are most effective?

NAD and NMN are probably both equivalent as precursors

You need NAD consistently in your body

With an IV, you get a huge NAD spike and then it goes to zero

You can use an IV in acute situations as long as you keep getting smaller amounts of NAD consistently

“It is a fancy way around trademarks to be perfectly honest”

“I don’t really think they are different.”

20:44 What causes DNA strand breaks and how we can mitigate them?

“They are many many reasons why DNA breaks”

Free radicals, UV light, carcinogens, drugs, smoking, alcohol damages DNA.

Your skin takes the brunt of it.

*Four specific DNA repairing mechanisms.

10 to the 5th DNA errors per day, and there are 4 repair mechanisms.

We have to reduce things that destroy DNA and to increase stuff that repairs it.

24:15 What particular agents would you recommend for defense mechanisms?

Astaxanthin and vitamin C are the best for our defense mechanisms.

25:46 Antioxidants? Why is it so important?

It is so important for several reasons.

*Astaxanthin is a primary anti-oxidant because it directly fights free radicals

Astaxanthin also encourages your body to produce endogenous anti-oxidants

28:00 Which agents are good, and which one do we need to avoid?

“They are all pretty good”

List of all agents:

29:09 How Senescent (Zombie) cells form? Latest research about them?

They are normal cells that are damaged.

If you can get rid of senescent cells load, then you make space for normal cells to grow.

“I barely touched that theme in my book” – (There is an article on Dr. Kaufmann’s website)

31:51 Sunlight? How much of it is enough?

“Park in the back of the parking in the grocery store. Walk there, do shopping, and walk back. This is enough.”

34:30 Can heavy doses of the sun for 6 hours be incredibly damaging?


Doctor who lasers Dr. Kaufmann’s face can tell her on what side of the car she was sitting based on her skin damage.

36:36 Can astaxanthin have protective benefits if you are going to be in the sun?

When the sun hits, it blocks DNA damage and inflammatory processes.

There is a big difference between cheap astaxanthin and more expensive one.

38:25 Which dose of astaxanthin is perfect for longer exposures to the sun?

-12mg per day is advised if you are in the sun all day long

39:46 Gray hair? Tips for the audience.

Anti-oxidants that cause production of endogenous anti-oxidants are a great place to start

If you optimize all your cells, you will probably prevent this problem.

40:55 Why are AGEs so harmful to our bodies? 

It can be stuck to the protein/DNA.

It sticks to collagen and messes it up, causes skin sagging.

If it sticks to your histones it can actually cause immune diseases.

You can also block absorption of glucose by taking metformin, berberine.

Can block non-enzymatic transfer of glucose with Hydrolizine.

Can also use Carnosine to reverse some of the intermediate molecules.

Chebulic acid can strip off some of the AGE molecules.

*Avoid sugar to reduce AGEs

45:50 How soon can people see the changes?

“It depends on where you start, and what you expect”

When people come with a specific problem (back pain, overweight, vision), they feel better faster than people without any problem.

For people in the 40-45 year old range, it could take as little as 2 weeks to see results. Takes a bit longer for folks older than that age.

46:42 Dr Kaufmann’s web website and app?

Kaufmann Protocol

The app is basically for helping people to start. It suggests what people should take.

Dr. Kaufmann’s also answers to all of the emails.

App name: Kaufmann Protocol

Facebook: Sandra Kaufmann

Instagram: @kaufmanantiaging

Other resources: if you want to review foods that help you beat disease, check out my interview with Dr. William Li of the Angiogenesis foundation here.

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