Dr Michael. Breus, is a double board-certified Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Sleep Specialist. Dr. Breus is the author of four books. In his 3rd book (2017) The Power of When, he proved that there is a perfect time to do everything, based on your biological chronotype (early bird or night owl).

He is an expert resource for most major publications doing more than 400 interviews per year (Oprah, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.).

02:40 How Did Dr. Breus Become A Sleep Expert?

  • Wanted to be a sports psychologist
  • Got into a sleep rotation in college
  • Loved that he could help people so qiuickly

05:07 What Are Sleep Chronotypes?

  • Early bird and night owls have been categorized
  • Lions – are early birds, also operators
  • Bears – 55% of population. Wake up around 7:30 and go to bed around 11.
  • Wolves – stay up very late and wake up late.
  • Dolphin – lots of anxiety, they need more sleep, sensitive sleep
  • Created a quiz at Chronoquiz

15:57 Chronotypes Come from Genetics or Environment?

  • Chronotypes come from genetics
  • It’s very hard to change them
  • They do change naturally around age 55

16:45 Best Time To Have Sex and Ask Your Boss For A Raise?

  • Best day of week to ask is Friday
  • You can determine which times are best based on your boss’ chronotype
  • For sex, morning time is best
  • Dr Breus recommends brushing teeth in the morning and then become intimate

21:40 Sleep Tips For Men And Women In Their 40’s and Beyond

  • For men, make sure to get your prostate checked with your doctor
  • Stop drinking a lot of water before bed
  • Alcohol is bad for sleep
  • If you have sleep apnea – make sure to get tested
  • For women, after menopause the hormones can get out of sync
  • If women have hot flashes, then you can use a cooling pad

27:44 How To Go Back To Sleep After Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night

  • If you don’t need to urinate, then don’t go to the bathroom
  • Do not look at the clock – this causes thinking to rev up
  • Use 4-7-8 breathing to lower your heart rate
  • Even if you cannot sleep, just lie down and be calm, cool and collected
  • If you don’t sleep well, do not go to bed early the next evening

36:35 How Do You Live With Someone With A Different Chronotype?

  • Go to bed in a different room on Monday-Thursday and sleep together on the other days
  • Or have two separate beds in the same room
  • For different temperatures, you can use different cooling technologies
  • If one partner is snoring, then check for sleep apnea, or roll them to the side, and help them lose some weight

42:20 Best Sleep Position For Anti-Aging

  • Sleeping on the back is the best for optimal aging
  • But back sleeping can exacerbate snoring and sleep apnea, so make sure those are not a problem

43:50 Where Can You Find Dr. Breus?

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