My guest today is Leo Tonkin, who is the CEO of Salt Chamber and expert on salt therapy.

In 2012, Leo became involved with a new emerging health and wellness industry known as Salt Therapy (aka Halotherapy) and is the co-founder, principal partner and CEO of Salt Chamber, LLC which has quickly become the leading salt therapy company in North America.

He’s worked with Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey in the past. Also chairs the respiratory wellness initiative.

We are going to be talking about the benefits of inhaling salt and  how that can improve your health and longevity.

2:46 Leo’s Background

  • Father was a pharmacist and physician
  • Had allergies as a kid, and took meds
  • Found out about dry salt therapy as a therapy for respiratory wellness

5:40 How salt mine workers have surprisingly good health

  • Physicians in 1800’s found that workers in salt mines had great immune systems
  • Started researching COPD, asthma, allergies
  • Russians created equipment to create salt rooms

08:07 What are the benefits of salt therapy?

  • When you inhale tiny salt particles, it pulls out excess mucus
  • It’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • It opens up airwaves and brings more oxygen to lungs and heart
  • Can help improve immune system, recovery and a longer life

11:20 Does salt therapy clean your lungs?

  • Yes, salt therapy can clean lungs
  • Salt lamps do not do much for health
  • Halogenerator is a device that creates tiny salt micro-particles for home use

13:32 How can people install salt rooms at home?

  • They have a pop-up salt booth that fits in a 4 foot x 4 foot tent space
  • People are buying these popup tents for use at home
  • You can also learn more at
  • It can help with allergies, asthma, COPD
  • People start sleeping better
  • Dry salt can also help with eczema and psoriasis

16:40 Are air filters good for cleaning air?

  • Its a great idea to filter air quality inside the home
  • Be careful of cleaning suppliers and VOC’s inside the home.

20:40 How often should individuals do salt therapy and how often?

  • It takes 10 minutes to do it
  • Recommendation is to do it multiple times a week
  • There are no side effects of dry salt inhalation

23:54 Which salt is used in salt therapy rooms?

  • Salt has lots of minerals
  • For inhalation, the salt must be purified.
  • It’s pure sodium chloride

26:20 Will salt affect high blood pressure or hypertension?

  • No it does not, because this salt goes into their respiratory system, not into the blood

27:28 Where can people try out a salt room before purchasing one?

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