On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, I speak to Dr. Thierry Hertoghe who is the President of the International Hormone Society. 

We speak about the following topics:

1. What ages Hormones drop in Women and which ones to Balance

2. What ages Hormones drop in Men and which ones to Balance

3. How to Reverse Aging Now and whats coming in the near Future

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe practices his medicine in his clinic in Brussels. With his sister, Dr. Thérèse Hertoghe, they proudly represent the fourth successive generation of physicians working with hormonal treatments – and this since 1892 (after Eugène Hertoghe – former vice president of the “Royal Academy of Medicine” in Belgium and Luc & Jacques Hertoghe – endocrinologists). Dr. Thierry Hertoghe devotes his life to the promotion of a better, patient-oriented and evidence-based medicine.

This was a very lively discussion, and here are the show notes along with the links to Dr. Thierry Hertoghe’s website

How did Dr. Thierry Hertoghe got into Medicine 2:00

– Did medical school for one year, then decided to drop out

– Worked at a factory for years

– Then came back into medicine, but decided to get into Psychiatry and found people that were deficient in hormones

– Then started to work with his father and things worked out well in medicine. Other ventured didn’t work out so well

– His father suffered from controversies due to Thyroid hormone therapies, so Dr. Thierry 

Philosophy on Life Extension, Anti-Aging and Age Reversal 4:50

– Life is spiritual and that we have to develop ourselves so we can help others

– Wants to improve quality of life, so people can enjoy their life and also live a longer life

What are some of his Strategies for Age Reversal 6:16

– He takes a multiple approach

– Hormones are very important for younger looks and to stay healthy

– Hormones may extend age by 20-30 years

– Positive psychological attitudes of centenarians are very important

– The positive attitude leads to you taking better care of yourself

– Avoid pollution, alcohol, and other toxins

– Writes books so people can read and learn the literature

– Ratings for Positive Life: Be positive, spiritual, meditate, be present, eat well, and drink well, then add nutritional and hormone treatments, avoid pollution

Why do People Age? 9:34

–  People age due to wear and tear process, which can be accelerated by unhealthy lifestyle

– Hormone deficiencies also cause aging. Most important are Growth Hormone and IGF-1 deficiencies. Can shorten life by a couple of decades.

– Lesser important are sex hormone deficiencies and thyroid, cortisol, DHEA, Pregnenolone etc.

– Multiple hormone deficiencies can add up

– Dr. Thierry Hertoghe takes 15-16 hormones himself, and he says this makes a big difference

Dr. Valter Longo’s Research on Growth Hormone and Fasting 10:55

– Dr. Hertoghe appreciates Dr. Valter Longo’s research on fasting

– Does not agree with reducing IGF-1 to live longer. Most studies in mice and only 4 in humans that support this view

– But there are 30 studies in humans that indicate higher IGF levels, the longer you live

– When IGF-1 is deficient, patients suffer from exhaustion, bad mood, and muscle atrophy

– Per Dr. Hertoghe, furing fasting IGF-1 reduces in the body, but the IGF-1 receptors in the body increase significantly. So this counteracts the reduction of IGF-1 in the body

Which Hormones do Men Lose First 13:35

–  Men lose same hormones as women, but because they have more testosterone they reduce more of it. However, men tend to lose the hormone slower than women.

– The most important hormone in a man is Testosterone. It is the minimum hormone that a man should take.

– DHEA decreases from age 30 onwards which is why men lose pubic hair and armpit hair

– Growth Hormone helps you grow but it is also required to maintain your body. It decreases from age 30.

– Melatonin deficiencies also start after 30, and this helps men sleep better

– The first ones men should take are Testosterone, Melatonin and Growth Hormone. First start with Testosterone and Melatonin that boost secretion of Growth Hormone. 

– Men in 40’s and 50’s: Also take same hormones but little more doses. Plus there might be some adrenal and cortisol deficiencies. IGF-1thickens skin and hair, so that may be important at that age as it reverses muscle atrophy.

– Women start losing sex hormones from age 30, and also after pregnancy. When you give female hormone to mothers, they look like their younger selves.

– Women also need Testosterone, DHEA, and Thyroid, and Melatonin hormones. From age 35-40, can start with Growth Hormone and IGF-1 from age 50.  

Menopause and Post-Menopausal Needs for Hormones 19:50

– You have to adapt treatment of Estrogens and Progesterones.

– Mimics the action of the ovaries with the hormones during the cycles.

– Post-menopausal: For day 1-25, two hormones Estrogen and Progesterone. Estrogen in morning and Progesterone in evening. Then stop for 5 days of the week to avoid increasing breast cancer risk.

Nutritional Needs for Men and Women 21:15

– Two main tactics: Nutritional supplements and diet. Best diet is Paleo diet.

– Do not eat proteins in evening and get a bloated belly life-long. As proteins take longer time to digest and move through the body. Eat proteins in morning and during lunch for flat belly.

– Men are usually lacking zinc (zinc can improve Testosterone levels). Vitamin E (improves fertility), Vitamin B (sperm production)

– Women are mostly deficient in the same items that men are.

– In addition, women are on a low animal fat diet which is detrimental, very deficient in vitamin A, and iron. 

Why does Dr. Hertoghe prefer the Paleo Diet 23:55

– It helps balance hormones

– Paleo food is adapted to our intestines, 7 meter intestine is adapted to fox and smaller intestines

– We need to avoid sugar and sweets, bread or unsprouted grains. Limit proteins in evening.

How are we going to Reversing Aging in Humans 24:55

– Dr. Hertoghe believes that in next 20-30 years

– We can already make people 10-15 years younger now

– In the future, we could be 70 but look like we are 30 or 35

– This will include balancing hormones, organ specific peptide therapies, telomerase activators, stem cells, and many other techniques

How to find Dr. Hertoghe online:

– Dr. Thierry Hertoghe Website

– Hertoghe Medical School 


– Reversing Physical Aging

– The Atlas of Endocrinology

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