On this podcast of Anti Aging Hacks, I have a fascinating Telomeres researcher.

Dr. Bill Andrews is one of the most prominent anti-aging researchers in the world. We discuss some really interesting topics such as:

1. Can we really start reversing aging in 5 years?

2. How can we stay young for longer?

3. We talk all about Telomeres and Telomerase and the cellular aging clock

4. We discuss the best test for Telomere testing for your age

5. We discuss his anti-aging protocol

Dr. Bill Andrews is the Founder and CEO of Sierra Sciences, a company focused on finding ways to extend human lifespan and health span through telomere maintenance. Telomeres are found at the tips of our chromosomes and have been shown, in thousands of scientific peer-reviewed studies, to be the clock of aging in humans. When telomeres get shorter, we get older, and our health declines.

As a scientist, athlete and executive, Bill continually pushes the envelope and challenges convention. He has been featured in Popular Science, The Today Show and numerous documentaries on the topic of life extension including, most recently, the movie The Immortalists in which he co-stars with Dr. Aubrey de Grey. 

Here are some of the highlights from our call

Telomeres, Our Cellular Aging Clock, how Telomeres decline 3:45

– Telomeres start shortening even before birth

– Humans conceived at 15,000 basis and are at 10,000 basis at birth

– Cell divison continues for healing wounds, some cells always dividing

– Cells stop dividing at 5,000 basis

– Perfect maximum age due to natural telomeres – 125 years

What is Cellular Senescence 12:30

– Senescence tells cells to stop dividing after certain divisions

– Senescent cells secrete factors that cause other cells to be unhealthy

– When we have more cells in senescence, we age

– Advances in Telomere lengthening may get rid of senescent cells completely

Hayflick Limit for Human Cell Division 7:30

– Dr. Bill Andrews discovered Telomerase in humans

– May be able to extend the life of cells 20 additional years by growing Telomeres

– Telomerase…is the enzyme that lengthens Telomeres

– Telomerase only turned on in reproductive cells, not in any other cells

– Turning off of Telomerase may be a way for nature to get rid of the old humans

Does Telomerase and Long Telomeres Cause Cancer 17:00

– Inhibiting Telomerase does kill Cancer cells

– That does not mean Telomerase caused cancer

– Every cancer is caused by a mutation

– Keeping Telomeres long is a really good way to stop mutations

– If cell got mutation due to other factors, then the immune cells which would have long Telomeres would be able to replicate and fight the cancer

– Telomerase can cause cancer, but lack of Telomerase is much more likely to cause cancer

Telomere Testing and 23:00

– Most tests do not measure Telomeres correctly

– Only one exception is the company that measures percent of Telomeres that are very short

– LifeLength for testing Telomeres is the best company

How to Slow Down Telomere Shortening 26:00

– Very bad for aging is Inflammation and Reactive Oxygen Species (Oxidative Stress)

– Smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, depression, psychological and physical stress, belief in living longer

– Reduce stress, yoga (Yin yoga), endurance exercises 

– Reduce damage to your body, get sick less, decrease rate of cell division

– 3 drugs on market to help reduce the rate of Telomere shortening

How to Lengthen your own Telomeres 32:15

– Telomerase is only way to lengthen Telomeres

– 2 approaches on how to lengthen Telomeres

– Approach 1: Take a pill that blocks proteins from turning the Telomerase gene off

– Approach 2: Deliver Telomerase to your cells

– Telomerase is too large to deliver to a cells, but can deliver a gene that causes the Telomerase to turn on

– Gene therapy has some side effects

– New gene therapy called AAD has less side effects

– First human trial slated to start this year

– Treating Alzheimer’s patients, hoping to save people and make them younger

– TAM 818 has 16% potency to regrow Telomeres

Supplements for Telomerase Activation 44:00 (links further below)

– TAM 818

– TA 65

– Isagenix

Future Research 46:00

– Hope to launch drug 1-3 years after funding goals achieved

– Hopes that we can reverse aging in less than 5 years

Dr. Bill Andrew’s information

– Book: Curing Aging

– Book: Telomere Lengthening

– Company: SierraSciences

Dr. Bill Andrew’s Anti-Aging Protocol

– Book: Kaufmann Protocol 

– TA 65

– Isagenix

– TAM 818 supplement (Defytime sells TA 818)

– Dr. Andrews is a vegan

– Avoids Oils and Nuts

– Omega 3 fatty acids

– Book: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

– Yoga

– Running (calls it moving meditation)

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