Claudia Muehlenweg is a vision coach who helps clients restore eyesight. After working to improve her own eyesight in adult life, Claudia founded Holistic Vision LLC to help others. Her work is based in the Bates Method.

She focuses on finding the root cause of blurry vision instead of using symptomatic treatments like glasses, contacts or surgery that actually can make eyesight worse in the long term

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1:50 Claudia’s Story

  • Used natural improvement techniques to improve her vision as a teenager
  • Got a coach in her 40’s to restore vision again
  • Now in her 60’s, she’s free of glasses

5:07 How Claudia Restored Eyesight In Her 40’s

  • The technique is based on neuroscience
  • The brain actually sees, not the eyes
  • It uses relaxation of mind and body
  • The technique also helps you become more accustomed to light
  • These techniques can help restore eyesight

7:18 What Age Does Your Vision Start To Decline?

  • Most people tend to see declines after the age of 40

13:15 Is A Decline In Eyesight Causes By Genetics?

  • Some eye diseases are related to genetics
  • But most eye problems are not genetic

15:45 What Are The Rods And Cones In The Eyes?

  • Cones are stimulated by light and see color
  • Rod cells are very light sensitive but do not have color perception
  • The mitochondria in retina cells does a lot of work
  • Nutrition is great for eyes too
  • Leutine and xeaxanthin are found in dark leafy greens and egg yolks
  • Beta-carotene is good for rod cells

19:30 What’s Wrong With Using Lasik Or Corrective Lenses?

  • None of these items correct the root cause
  • Corrective lenses cause worse vision progressively
  • Lasik is not a permanent solution, your eyes will lose some of the vision

24:24 Can Stress Cause Worse Eyesight Temporarily?

  • Yes, it can. Especially the stress during the eye exam.
  • It’s important to rest your eyes often

26:50 Should We Be Wearing Sunglasses When Outside?

  • If you have any eye diseases, it’s best to wear sunglasses
  • Otherwise, Claudia recommends not wearing sunglasses most times

29:40 Is It Bad To Stare To The Sun?

  • Claudia doesn’t like to stare at the sun
  • It’s ok to look at the sun if there is no strain

31:15 How To Do A Sunning & Palming Exercises To Get Your Eyes Used to More Sun?

  • Claudia demonstrated the sunning and palming exercises

35:15 How Important Is It To Relax Muscles & Body?

  • The Bates method is more about relaxation of mind and body
  • It’s very important to relax completely to improve eyesight

44:50 How Long Does It take To See Results?

  • Some clients see improvement immediately
  • For others, it takes a few weeks to restore eyesight
  • Improving self-awareness about your eyes feel is also important

49:30 Where Can You Find Claudia?

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