On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, I talk to an individual that is trying to reverse hearing loss for the masses through sound therapy.

We discuss the following topics:

1. The Science behind why Hearing Loss is Reversible

2. How to Exercise your Hearing Cells with Sound Therapy to restore your Hearing

3. How AudioCardio makes it super easy to integrate sound therapy into your daily life

Chris Ellis is the CEO of AudioCardio (, and the company helps individuals restore hearing loss if it has already happened, and prevent it from happening in the first place.

I have known Chris for a while now and he has a unique background working for various startups. He started Audio Cardio a few years ago when he noticed his grandfather was losing his mental abilities, after he realized that hearing loss led to some of the loss in mental function.

What is Audio Cardio?

– Mobile app that protects, maintains and reverses hearing loss

– Uses a sound therapy that assesses your hearing and comes up with a sound signal to stimulate the cells

– Cofounder is a scientist and music composer, and realized that his hearing was deteriorating

– Found a way to assess hearing and found a way to stimulate the cells at just the inaudible level so that the neurons in the brain fire again and create new neural pathways so the brain 

– Chris met with his cofounder 4 years ago

– Chris went on a fishing trip with his grandfather and realized his cognitive health was declining. Then started researching how hearing loss was tied to a decline in cognitive health

Who is affected by hearing loss?

– Most folks experiencing hearing difficulties are in the older years

– Sound engineers, construction, working in loud environment

Is Hearing Loss Gradual?

– Hearing loss is gradual and it creeps up on you

– People don’t realize that their hearing is declining until its very obvious

– Your brain automatically adjusts to hearing loss until it becomes quite obvious

How does Audio Cardio work?

– This is a once a day, one hour therapy

– First you find the threshold of sound, and then stimulate the cells at the barely audible level

– This forces the cells inside the ear to fire at those frequencies by constant stimulation

– These cells start firing which slowly cause the next cells to fire up the chain to the brain

– This is the mechanism how the sounds can reverse hearing loss. This truly an anti-aging technology

What is the user experience?

– Once you download the app, then do a quick exercise to assess your threshold of sound

– Set each of the frequencies at the barely audible level and determine the thresholds for both ears

– Then the algorithm generates sounds at those frequencies which become more and more audible

– Over time as hearing improves at those frequencies, you can recalibrate to your new edge frequencies and keep improving

– Allows the user to multi-task the app while doing other tasks such as checking email, listen to music 

– Incorporates into users lifestyle pretty easily

– Tested the technology called Threshold Sound Conditioning with Stanford University in a double blind study

How quickly does hearing improve?

– Quick improvements are observed in most people in as little as two weeks

– App was tested on people in the ages of 18-78 year olds and they were able to gain a 10 decibel improvement in their hearing in 2 weeks

– Based on the number of frequencies, Chris this might take 10 weeks for most users to improve their hearing

How does the subscription model work?

– Free for first 21 days, then $14.95/month or $100/year

– Use code AAH90 for free listening for 90 days



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