On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, I discuss all about self quantification with Bob Troia.

We talk about:

1. How Bob got into measuring everything about his body that he could?

2. How can someone dip their toes into measuring their own body?

3. How to measure your sleep, Vitamin D levels, Blood Glucose, basic Blood Levels, and more…

Here are the show notes for this episode.

01:30: What got Bob to start into this journey of self-quantification?

-Dr. Bob was an athlete in high school.

-Learning about yourself was the main motivation for him.

-He didn’t go through every statistic.

-The key is to work constantly, and progress will come.

-You can start very simple with some basic tools.

-People’s biggest mistake is that they are buying too many devices and tools and they are trying to track every lab testing.

06:17: How does your life change?

-He started to learn  what is “under the hood” exploring and  combining data with some lab testing.

-You are starting to understand what is going on with your body.

09:19: How much of basic quantification that most people do is automated?

-“It just depends on how extreme you want to go.”

-Bob still has 25 years old tracking data notebooks.

-You can start tracking your data with a spreadsheet.

-People are still doing better quantification than any software.

14:01: What is the basic stuff that people can start tracking/measuring/biohacking for a good impact on health?

*Evaluating your sleep (Avoid sleeping devices)

-Go to sleep at the same time every day.

-Measure the time when you go to sleep and when you wake up.

-Start tracking blood sugar.

*Glucose meters ($30)

*Grip strength (Hand dynamometer)

-Measure biological age vs chronological age (Biomarkers testing…)

-You can’t have a single chronological age (Your skin chronological age is maybe older than your body chronological age)

*Basic lab testing

22:37: Tips for falling asleep easier?

-We need to optimize our sleeping environment.

*Avoiding blue light

-Bob loves to be in a cold dark environment before falling asleep.

*Cooling down bed in summer months

*Breathing only on nose

-It matters to have a routine before bed.

*Inclined bed therapy

31:35: Have you done OGTT? (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test)

 “Yeah, basically, I did it on my own.”

*FreeStyle Libre

-It goes in the back of your arm.

-Collects data every 15 minutes for 2 weeks.

-FreeStyle Libre is great because it measures blood sugar levels while you are sleeping.

-Some people have sugar escalations while sleeping.

-Different types of foods and combinations have a different impact on your blood sugar spike.

40:45 What other blood tests do you do on a regular basis?

-Start looking at basic panels.

-Look at your vitamin D levels, Testosterone, and Cholesterol.

“There is a rabbit hole on rabbit holes “

45:21 How Important is vitamin D, and how we can get some more of it?

It is very important.

-Worse COVID patients are having a problem with vitamin D.

-Most people take less vitamin D than the lowest limits.

-The modern lifestyle is guilty of it.

*App “dminder” (Calculates how much vitamin D you are taking on everyday basis)

52:04 What is the balance between overexposing to the sun and perfect exposure to the sun for ideal vitamin D dose?

-A tip is to expose yourself to the sun in the morning and evening.

-Don’t go out at noon when the UW index is 11.

*Vitamin C

*PABA Supplement (Has B vitamin)

56:36: Do you do anything for your skin? (Applying creams…)

-Dr. Bob uses coconut oil, vitamin c serum…

-He tries to avoid putting many things on his skin.

-It matters to hydrate your skin.

– Check out some of the items Faraz recommends

58:56 Do you work with individuals as a consultant?

Dr. Bob is now co-founder of a company “awesome labs”.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @quantifiedbob

LinkedIn: Bob Troia

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