On this episode of the Anti-Aging Hacks podcast, Tina Anderson and Faraz talk all about the gut microbiome and how to choose the right probiotics for gut health.

My guest Tina Anderson’s began her career as a trial lawyer who specialized in settling cases by bringing both sides together, a personal passion of hers. Once her second child arrived, Tina left that high-stress job behind so she could focus on her family.

Tina turned toward the field of natural health, and found her life’s workThat led her to discover the importance of gut health and how connected and crucial it is for overall health and wellness.

To share her discovery with the world, Tina along with her husband created a unique supplement that contains the superior probiotic strains of renowned researcher Dr. Simon Cutting.

Why is gut health so important for health and anti-aging?

  • We are learning more about the gut microbiome than ever before
  • Almost every disease is related to the gut microbiome
  • We have 10 times more bacteria cells than human cells in our body
  • Gut microbiome is comprised of pathogenic and good bacteria
  • Must choose the right probiotics for gut health

The modern world is stripping us from good bacteria

  • There is such a focus on fighting germs using hand sanitizer, antibiotics and avoiding germs in general.
  • Glyphosate also strips our bodies of good bacteria
  • The balance between the good and bad bacterial colonies in the gut is extremely important for health and anti-aging

How are antibiotics bad for the gut?

  • Antibiotics kill off good bacteria and throw off the gut microbiome
  • A single dose of clindamycin (antibiotic) can cause gut disruption for up to a year
  • Use antibiotics in acute or serious conditions, and avoid them if you can
  • Allow your body to fight the infection

What’s special about Tina’s bacillus spore strains?

  • Bacillus spore strains were found in the natural environment.
  • Our ancestors ate off the soil and got the spores on a daily basis.
  • They are a different category of bacteria than what’s found on the market. On market now is lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.
  • Spores balance the bacteria

How important is the survivability of these spores?

  • Spores are dormant and that is how they get through the gastric system. The endospore shell protects them through the stomach.
  • They bring the beneficial bacteria back to life.
  • They stay there during 21-28 days and help colonize the gut.
  • A survivability study on Tina’s strains vs. another strain found that 99% of bacteria died off in the other strain

How important is the number of bacteria?

  • Companies put high CFU counts in their capsules. But that doesn’t mean that much.
  • It’s more important how many of these get to the intestine.
  • With Tina’s strain, after 2.5 weeks gut flora showed a 30% favorable shift.

What about natural probiotics vs supplements?

  • Yoghurts, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut are all great and people should eat them
  • They produce lactobacillus and bifidobacteria strains are great for the gut
  • They can be helpful but they would not be a replacement to the microbiome, so you still need supplementation

What conditions can probiotics fix?

  • Can competitively exclude overgrowth of yeast and candida
  • One of their strains has been helpful in SIBO as well
  • The intelligent bacteria are helpful
  • The only probiotic has a double blind study on leaky gut.
  • High LPS toxins can aid alzheimers
  • The spores caused a 42% reduction in LPS in the leaky gut

Myths about probiotics:

  • Does a probiotics need to be refrigerated? No it does not. If a probiotic cannot survive the room temperature, then it can’t survive in the body.

How long does these probiotics take to show benefits?

  • Gas bloating diarrhea constipation may see differences in just a few days
  • There are no side effects, but you may be able to manage weight better or see other side benefits.

Does one take gut probiotics everyday?

  • Yes, living in an antibacterial world requires us to get enough healthy bacteria in our body.


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