On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, I go a little deeper into the healing factors in your own blood, or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

We discuss and answer the following questions:

1. What is PRP, and how is it beneficial for healing and anti-aging?

2. What can be the downsides of PRP, and why is it not consistent across all kinds of applications?

3. The preferred way to use PRP as an anti-aging, vampire facial, and hair rejuvenation technique

This week my guest is Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh, who is the founder of Arizona Facial Plastics. An accomplished plastic surgeon based in Phoenix, AZ, he completed his ENT training in 2004 at the University of Rochester, and journeyed to Switzerland for a fellowship specializing in facial cosmetic surgery to study and deepen his understanding of the complexity of the facial structure.

Fun fact, Dr. T has done over 3,500 facelifts.

This is a really interesting episode where we get to go a little under the surface, and behind the marketing of PRP and understand how it works a bit more. In addition, there is discussion of various other biological products that can be used alongside PRP for more enhanced results.

Here are the notes from our discussion:

Dr. Taghizadeh’s Background 2:00

– Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

– Has done over 3,500 facelifts

– Worked with European physicians and Asian physicans and learned about their views on anti-aging

Why is there excitement in Regenerative Medicine 5:20

– Regenerative medicine has converged with biologics

– Autologous and Regenerative products have found they way into aesthetics

Why is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) exciting 6:20

– Different types of platelet rich plasma

– Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) aren’t really concentrated. No richness in PPP technology

– Elevation of concentration of platelets gives it a more beneficial effect

– Depends on spin speed, centrifuge type

– Plasma is studied using bone marrow aspirates (BMAX)

Where does PRP help the most 8:45

– Platelet Poor Technologies have been linked to fibrosis and scarring

– Platelet Rich Technologies that have been used in orthopedics have shown more benefits

– Doctors are still not sure how long PRP works

– Another downside is that PRP does come with inflammation, as platelets respond to inflammation

– Due to Marketing in aesthetics – this does not come up

– Dr. T has transitioned to tissue banked products than using your own platelets

– Not a lot of mesenchymal stem cells in the blood as we get older, and PRP does come with platelets that can cause inflammation, so some caution must be exercised

Does the type of device or frequency matter 12:20

– Not an issue of platelet density, but how long has the platelet been spinning and the G-force on the platelet and probability platelet survives the spin

– Some centrifuges cause large G forces which lice the platelets, and lice platelets cause inflammation

– Dr. T tries to get more platelets to survive the spin, to try to reduce the G-force

– The other calculation is nuclear yield which is the number of platelets

How to measure Nuclear Yield 14:40

– Flow cytometers and similar machines can measure the platelets

– Other companies may publish the data in the nuclear yield

How does a Consumer figure out their doctor is the right one 15:20

– Look at before and after pics

– Talk to the physician, and ask questions

How often do you do PRP and how long does it last? 16:20

– Lot of variability, depends on the regimen. Could be 4-6 weeks apart or longer.

– Works similar as other fillers, when used as a filler

– When used with calcium chloride as a gel, has different longevity

What is the Patient Experience 17:00

– Simple blood donation for 60 cc blood

– Blood mixed with an anti-coagulant

What about other additives such as Acell 18:00

– Dr. T’s opinion is there is a significant improvement in allowing the platelets to be less inflammatory

– Micronized Acell powders or AmnioDry or others work as micro-matrix

– These are cell signalers that are rich in cellular materials called extra cellular matrix

– They help signal continual regeneration of the tissue

– The stem cells are cell phone, but the ECM products are the cell towers so they help guide the treatment

– Micro matrix proteins are the next wave and have a much better impact on tissue

PRP for Hair 20:20

– Mixed results

– Advanced androgenetic hair loss can cause further fibrose hair follicles

– For people who start younger it is better

– Better experience with high nuclear yield platelets

– Adding Acell or AmnioDry micro matrix products can have benefit

– If the patient is old and do PRP, some folks can lose the hair follicle

PRP for Face 21:40

– Used in conjunction with Fractional CO2, microneedling, or microneedling with RF

– Use the gel topically

– Inject PRP into face

– There can be inflammation in the face as well

– Platelets are excellent for regenerating scar tissues, and it helps with microneedling and microneedling with PRP

– Topically helps better than injecting it

– Injecting gives you a filler effect

How does PRP on face works on the face?

– When you injure skin, cells send out signals to destroy old collagen

– This destruction of old collagen is a stimulant for new collagen

– MAP proteins are critical for the amount of collagen that gets broken down, which signals the fibroblasts to put new collagen down

– MAP proteins are moderately enhanced with PPP and significantly enhanced with PRP

– As we get older, skin gets lethargic and MAP proteins reduce their function – Collagenase is an enzyme that tells our skin to die

– As we get older, collagenase tells our skin to get thinner and get more damage

– As we get microvascular disease the skin has to thin so it uses less blood supply so we can shunt that blood to other organs

– Collagenase activity is reduced when we use ablative lasers

– PRP may enhance the slowing down of collagenase

PRP and Combination Therapies 20:35

– Being used more and more with other procedures to increase VEGF growth factor

– The fat processing technique is more important than PRP

How soon after injury should you apply PRP 27:30

– Depends on which product and age of individual

– If you are young, then adding these to your tissues is very beneficial

– Once you lose cartilige, then it becomes a big issue

Is there a place for PRP in anti-aging regimen 29:15

– Joint health is important, so exercise is very important

– Anti-inflammatories very important

– Keep CRP very low

PRP for Sexual Rejuvenation 30:15

– In men, trying to get more blood flow to penis

– Erectile dysfunction is linked to degeneration of peripheral nerves (metabolic syndrome) and blood flow

– PRP does not add nerve growth factor, but adds VEGF

– Nitrates such as Viagra and Cialis increase blood flow, but not nerve feeling

– In women, there is UTI and PRFM and Platelets are very effective in constriction and maintenance of urethra and better muscle

– More pelvic floor strength with PRP, and blood flow improves as well

– What’s next is biologic products with PRP

– Men get erections with no feeling – because of metabolic syndrome and nerve degeneration

– Many men stop taking medication because blood flow is not their problem

How does a consumer improve platelet count 34:00

– Diets with Fatty acids, cholesterol, large meals may impact platelet count

– People who eat more salads etc, have better platelets anecdontally

Is PRP Effective as we get older 35:30

– Depends on platelet count

– Age is less a factor than nuclear yield

– Mesenchymal stem cells in bone marrow goes down a lot after age 40

Top Anti-Aging Tips to Look Years Younger 36:20

– #1: Metabolic Syndrome and Effect on Skin: Huge epidemic of Type-2 diabetes. Affects skin color, tone. Address insulin resistance. Take care of this first.

– #2: Maintain Facial Volume – #3: Reduce collagenase activity: Ablative lasers have shown to improve collagenase acivity

Where to find Dr. Taghizadeh

– Arizona Facial Plastics

– Instagram and facebook: @arizonafacialplastics

– Lots of clinical research and research on devices

– Do lots of remote consultations

– Do lots of analytics, doing anti-aging programs now so people can get the results they are looking for

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