On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, Dr. Oz Garcia and Faraz Khan talk about blood work, personalized health, biohacks and a whole lot more.

Dr. Oz Garcia is based in New York City and often called the “nutritionist to the stars”. He is the go-to nutrition and anti-aging expert for celebrities and Fortune 100 CEOs. His unique and customized approach to diet and longevity, coupled with more than 30-years of experience have made Oz one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

01:30: How did you get into health and wellness? Where are you now?

Back 1970s, there was very little information available about self-optimization.

Dr Oz smoked cigarettes and didn’t even know how it is going to affect him.
He got into the running, and that forced him to think what effects his running performance.

He read a lot of literature about diets, and he went to a plant-based diet. As he changed his diet with a little information available back there, he improved his running results.

Interestingly, Dr Oz grew his fruits and vegetables by his self. That’s how he got into this journey. He recognized the power of fasting and began to apply it regularly.

With 72 hours of fasting, you can get a lot of a autophagy.

12:43: Let’s talk about nutrition. What are your thoughts on the different diets?

Dr Oz goes uses several metrics. He does comprehensive bloodwork. One of the things which he looks at is blood type. He looks for the updated guidelines, and a lot of people don’t understand what they should eat for their blood type.

Lectin is a tough molecule to break. It can irritate the bowel wall. If it does that, it can increase bloating gas, micro-tears in the bowel, etc.

A lot of people think that brown rice is excellent food. But the shell itself is challenging for the body to break. It doesn’t break down the lectins. Also,  It doesn’t matter which blood group you are, but if you eat a lot of brown rice, it is going to affect how you feel. Starting with knowing about your blood type is an excellent point.

For example, someone who’s blood type A is not going to do really well on a plant-based diet. Blood type O is not going to do well on a paleo high protein diet.
If you look at what humans did in the past, they were designed to eat, under eat, not eat, eat what they kill, go to the periods where they are gathering. There wasn’t a lot of animal protein.

Dr Oz’s Monday is a full day of intermediate fasting. That day matches the hunting day.
He tries to imitate the behaviour of an ancestor – ancestral diet. That is an excellent longevity diet.

Book recommendation: Seven Principles Of Stress

20:26: You live in NYC. There’s a lot of air/water/sound pollution. How does somebody optimize their health while living in a big city?

Dr Oz’s house is set up after years of trying to answer this question. He has a very high-end water filtering system there. Dr Oz lives on a really high floor, so his house a bulletproof in terms of sound pollution. He uses Kokoon headset, and then he listens to different sounds. He also turns off his wi-fi – That makes him wholly disconnected from his phone. In the winter, Dr Oz goes in the Russian bathhouse. He also recommends Infrared saunas.

23:41: What would recommend to people that want to start optimizing their health?

You have to start with sleep. Sleep is number one. If you don’t set up your sleep, nothing is going to work well. Your health is based on your sleep. Dr Oz recommends Fitbit. It tracks how much deep/rem sleep you get.  What’s your HRV? What is your body temperature? It will follow what you do while sleeping. 

That data is crucial in terms of optimising your sleep. After one week, it tells you which time is the best for you to go to sleep. It will also tell you which time is best for you to wake up. Then, if you have problems with sleep, you can start to work on your sleep hygiene.

Next thing is your diet. It is best to clear up your diet after you fix your sleep.
The third thing is exercise. The next thing is exposure to nature. You have to look at the trees. The human eyeball is designed to look at tress. That process triggers multiple processes in the brain.

Getting bodywork is critical. Make sure to get a massage, dip tissue massage, etc. If you cant aboard it, make it once in 3 weeks.

Intermediate fasting is another tool. Sleep in a cold room. Dr Oz’s creating a pyramid scheme with these tips. 

30:34: Tell the listener about your practice and how you work with the people now?

He starts with the interview. Anybody that works with Dr Oz has to do an in-depth interview. That is critical because that interview tells if they can work together.

Then comes to two types of testing. First one is the deep dive blood test. That test gives information about hormones, inflammatory markers, liver/kidney function. 

The second test is the gene test. That test will break down your genes into reports.

After these tests, Oz starts to work on the all things that we talked about.
Then it comes defining the goals. Also, they do have NAD and IV’s too.
A lot of celebrities and professional athletes worked with Dr Oz. Interestingly, Dr Oz worked with James Bond.

37:47: Is your office still open?

Yeah, If Dr Oz’ patients aren’t available to come, they can do the zoom video call. Dr Oz will ship them supplements and the IV’s.

38:34: Where do people can find you online?

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