On this episode, we uncover the myriad health and anti-aging benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) with Dr. William Pawluk.

Find out why PEMF’s may be an important healing modality for you.

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William Pawluk, MD, MSc is the foremost authority on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy in North America. His latest book, Supercharge Your Health With PEMFs, is a practical hands-on guide to PEMF treatment. This informative guide walks the reader through how to select and properly use the right PEMF system as treatment for over 70-different health conditions while cutting through online confusion about PEMF devices.

Dr. Pawluk is passionate about finding new solutions for stubborn, chronic and frustrating health problems. After 25 years in medical practice, seeing the risks and side effects of traditional approaches, and studying various healing approaches, he discovered that PEMFs provide the most beneficial, safe, non- toxic, self-directed, self-controlled, at-home pain management.

How Dr Pawluk got into Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy?

  • As a family physician, Dr. William Pawluk has been practicing medicine for a long time and ran two medical groups.
  • He discovered that ~16,000 people died per year because of gastric bleeding from IV program.
  • They also withdrew their recommendation of using aspirin for the treatment of stroke and heart attack due to higher risk from dying due to gastric bleeding.
  • He studied acupuncture but started looking for ways of doing it without using needles.
  • He discovered that magnets not only used in acupuncture points but they also treated the tissue around the magnet; they can do a lot more.
  • He co-authored three books about magnetic field therapy and started a website to document benefits.

Dr. Pawluk’s Perspective On Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)?

  • EMF’s are partly electromagnetic spectrum. The big risk of electromagnetic fields comes from microwaves.
  • EMFs are extremely high frequency which means the body absorbs it.
  • Nobody should be using cell phones directly to their heads; we should be using headset, tube-type connectors, or loud speaker because long exposure is bad for the health as it can irritate and stress the body.
  • PEMF’s are extremely low frequency because they are designed for treatment and not for communication or other broadcast purposes.
  • Through magnetic field therapy, we can provide more energy to help the body do a better job that it normally does.

How Does PEMF Heal Your Body?

  • Our physiology relies on everything being in motion.
  • We have 2,000 biochemical processes per cell per second; therefore, we are providing energy with motion.
  • With the decrease of energy in the body, there’s also a decrease in the body’s capacity to repair, recover, and regenerate which happens as we get older.
  • But no matter your age, one can always use more energy.
  • PEMF therapy is safe and heals the body completely.
  • The magnetic field interacts with the biochemical processes or motions to create even more energy in the body.
  • The body will decide how much ATP it can create.
  • In PEMF therapy, we can increase the production of ATP locally by 100 to 600 percent.

Can PEMF Therapy Heal Long Term Sports Injuries?

  • Magnetic field therapy does not raise the dead; dead tissue is dead tissue.
  • There are limitations and those limitations are based on body’s ability to heal itself.
  • Magnetic field therapy helps speed up the healing process because of the energy that it introduces in our body.

Why Is Pulse (Pulsing) Important With PEMF?

  • Putting a magnet on the tissue causes the magnetic field to change.
  • Basically, the magnet is static and the body is dynamic.
  • With PEMFs, the magnet is dynamic so you get a lot more action going on because you are continually stimulating.
  • Some tissues can’t heal, and some can, depends the healing time line of the body, the condition of the body, etc.

Few Conditions Where PEMF Therapy Can Be Applied?

  • Magnetic fields can help nervous system-related conditions such as depression, anxiety, sleep problems, etc.
  • PEMF therapy is also best to treat pain conditions but it depends on the tissue and the vitality of the body.
  • It can be used in people with diabetes since it can heal damage in the body.
  • PEMF therapy is incredibly important in reducing inflammation.
  • It is also applicable in the general function of the body like liver, lungs, and so on.
  • Some other conditions that can be treated by PEMF therapy are migraines, osteopenia or osteoporosis, pancreatic conditions, Parkinson’s disease, and prostate.

Different Ways To Use PEMF On Your Body?

  • Focusing on one part of the body like shoulder or elbow is called a local application.
  • Regional application focuses on bigger body parts such as lungs.
  • If you have more injuries, you need whole body application.
  • If you start the process early of conditioning your body, it doesn’t take long to heal.

How Important Is The Strength Of The PEMF Device?

  • There’s a relationship between power and time.
  • All healing takes time.
  • Calculate the magnetic intensity that you need based on the distance of the area that needs treatment.

How Should People Get Started With PEMF?

  • They can look at the listed 80 conditions that can be addressed by PEMF therapy.
  • They can sign up to get the book on Dr Pawluk’s website.
  • If they are serious and willing to invest in the magnetic system, go to to check the products and to sign-up for consultation.
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