Judy Seeger is a naturopath who has been into ozone therapy for the last 10 years.

Big misconception about ozone. Dr. Shambaum discovered ozone therapy.

It was discovered by accident to prevent infection. Nikola Tesla patented the first ozone device in 1890’s.

Ozone is formed from thunder, lightning and ocean waves. Ozone is 3 oxygen molecules bonded together.

Ozone helps us build our immune system. It’s not dangerous for humans.

How we can use ozone therapy in our bodies?

Ozone needs to be stabilized before it’s used.

  • Can do it in water (in a glass of water for example). But it only stays in water for short amount of time.
  • In oils such as olive oils. (or sunflower oil, coconut, jojoba, or hemp seed oil also works)
  • Capsules can be used to help the stomach and intestines (helps get rid of pathogens in gut)
  • Ozone suppositories (olive, coconut oil is saturated) to be injected rectally or vaginally
  • Ozone for home use (insufflations) in ears
  • Use in sauna (goes through skin into bloodstream)
  • Ozone gas rectally or vaginally (may cause a little bit of cramps)
  • Intravenous or shots (blood taken out and mixed with ozone and then blood comes back)
  • Can do intravenous once or multiple times (in a ten pass therapy)
  • Prolozone therapy (vitamin/mineral mix with propane injected with joints) to reduce inflammation

It’s important to detox before you do ozone, as it may release toxins.

Most folks don’t like to do it at home. Judy does the injections in Florida.

Which modalities does Judy do?

– All of these

– She prefers people eat meat. Judy does Ozone at home and does Sauna multiple times a week.

– She also does shots once or twice a month.

Why should people go to a doctor vs doing ozone at home?

– Regarding inflammation, she would do ozone therapy first for 24 hours. You can start with pills or suppositories.

Where do people get ozone sauna?

– It’s a steam sauna with your head outside the sauna and an ozone unit

What are the types of ozone machines?

– There are some standalone generators that are sold on amazon, be careful of them.

– It needs a cold plasma generator and it needs pure oxygen. You need an oxygen tank.

How to combine detox with ozone therapy?

– Phase I and phase II detox. Phase I is where the liver filters the toxins. In phase II the liver needs the nutrients and it breaks it from the foods to get to the rest of the body.

– Ozone starts killing bacteria, mold, yeast, fungus, and viruses. There are 5 elimination channels so the ozone needs to get rid of all the pathogens. This causes people to throw up.

– You must help the liver to filter out the toxins so they can excrete the toxins.

– The trick is to start very small for a few days and detox (sweat) every day. Coffee enemas, colonics and liver flushes are also great. This way nobody gets sick, you get more energy, skin starts to glow.

Cost of Ozone Therapy:

  • Pills are $65 per month
  • Suppositories are $100 per month, so start either with pills or suppository
  • Ozone apparatus is $2,000 if they do it correctly
  • $700-$1500 dollars for ozone shots (get the one shot first)


Judy Seeger Detox

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