Carolina Oliviera holds her Ph.D. in Immunology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in collaboration with Rutgers University and is an alumnus of IndieBio, the world’s leading biotechnology accelerator.

In 2016, Carolina relocated to Silicon Valley from Latin America to co-found OneSkin, and to lead the development of the company’s disruptive rejuvenation technologies.

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03:00 How Carolina got Into Skin

  • Carolina and her co-founders are Phd’s
  • Joined a biotech accelerator in silicon valley
  • Researched how to determine epigenetic age of skin
  • Realized most products were not designed to target aging
  • Started with her cofounders

09:55 How Did Their SkinAge Clock Differentiate From Other Methylation Clocks?

  • The clock was trained on the skin samples
  • So its accurate for skin cells
  • It does require a small biopsy at the moment

13:10 Why OneSkin Is Targeting Senescent Cells?

  • Senescent cells build up as we get older
  • They release inflammatory compounds that can age surrounding cells
  • OneSkin believes that most other hallmarks of aging lead to cellular senescent cells

16:40 How They Found The Right Combination Of Peptides For Targeting Senescent Cells?

  • They started with a library for 200 peptides
  • They found 4 out of the 200
  • Then added more chains to the peptide which numbered 800
  • Finally landed to OS-1 peptide which was the best
  • They have done toxicity studies and gone over and above to make sure it works

20:20 What’s Included In The Skin Serums?

  • The peptide is the main component
  • But other ingredients help carry the product into the skin
  • Also include 3 types of hyaluronic acid
  • Also includes soothing ingredients like allantoin, vitamin E

25:40 Where OneSkin gets the skin samples to test?

  • They have a bank of skin donors for all ages and ethnities
  • Also included is skin after plastic surgery

27:20 How Does OneSkin Ensure Penetration Into Skin?

  • The OS-1 peptide is 10 amino acids
  • They have done studies

30:00 What Should People Expect After Using OneSkin?

  • In 6 weeks, texture, softness, firmness
  • Also improves fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity
  • Many people see results in 12 weeks or so

32:23 Why To Use Under Eye Serum Vs. Face Serum?

  • They found the skin under eye is older than in other areas of the face
  • They decided to make a more concentrated formula for eyes

35:30 How Does OneSkin Fit Into Your Daily Skin Routine?

  • OneSkin sells a cleanser, face moisturizer, eye cream and skin cream
  • Carolina recommends putting on OneSkin products on first
  • Apply OneSkin morning and night, and retinol only at night

38:40 How To Use OneSkin with In-Office Treatments?

  • Carolina recommends using their products along with the dermatologist treatments

41:10 Where You Can Get OneSkin products?

  • Go to and use code antiaginghacks to get 10% off
  • Follow them on instagram at
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