Faraz Khan brings on Chris Mirabile to discuss his longevity company NOVOS, and their mission to help people measure and reverse their biological aging.

02:40 Chris’ Background

  • Got a seizure and a brain tumor at the age of 16
  • His life changed as a result of the tumor
  • But he healed completely
  • Went to NYU Stern
  • Started his entrepreneural journey soon after

06:55 How Chris Started NOVOS

  • Started company in 2019 and launched first product in 2021
  • Was inspired by the 9 Hallmarks of Aging scientific paper
  • Went to longevity conferences and researched longevity pathways
  • Onboarded advisors from Harvard, MIT and Salk Institute

14:35 How They Came Up With The Supplement Formulation

  • Many scientists gave him positive validation
  • They had various filters to validate ingredients
  • Presented scientists with ingredients and onboarded a longevity researcher as a co-founder
  • Have done multiple studies: in vitro testing, reduced DNA oxidative damage by 50%.
  • Did a study on senescent cells and it reduced the number of senolytics cells.
  • The company are doing additional studies

22:00 How To Take The Daily Supplement

  • Take it with a meal
  • Does not impact sugar levels
  • You could do half at lunch and dinner

26:10 NOVOS Boost Product

  • Nicotinamide Mononucleotide
  • Spherical NMN molecule is more stable

26:55 What Are The Different Aging Clocks?

  • Not all clocks are the same
  • NOVOS offers a multiple aging clocks in their test
  • Epigenetic clocks are the most accurate
  • Now they are up to third generation clocks…these measure the speed/pace of aging
  • The pace of aging can change often

35:35 How Should People Start Testing Biological Clocks?

  • The pace of aging Denedin pace clock.
  • The second test NOVOS offers is the biological age
  • The third test they offer is the telomere length test

40:30 What Chris’ Longevity Protocol Looks Like

  • Chris started a new blog called
  • Does time restricted feeding
  • Does the NOVOS longevity diet
  • Walks 2.5-3 miles twice a day, runs, rides his bike
  • Does a 24 hour fast every often

45:20 Where To Get Novos Supplements?

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