We know that the current healthcare (sickcare) model in the united states is not ideal.

So what can we do about to bring the a new model of healthcare that will lead us to a healthier, happier society and one that lives longer too?

Check out this podcast with Dr. Firouz Daneshgari who is one of the pioneers of changing this system towards one where consumers are more informed and are taking charge of their own health much earlier in life.


  • Training in Loyola university, then became a urologist
  • Double board certified in urology and female floor pelvic surgery
  • Saw systemic misalignments in medical care
  • Worked at Cleveland Clinic
  • Served on the board of a large hospital system
  • Hospitals have become financial institutions instead of health providers

US Healthcare Is Most Expensive In The World

  • Primary care is looked at through a financial lens
  • 50% of health services in US are a waste
  • More than 70% of doctors are employed by hospitals, so they look out for their employer
  • Payer and consumer are misaligned: insurance companies are paying for wasteful behavior and nobody is being held to account for rising prices
  • Price variability is a big issue: You can get an MRI for $300-$500, and you can also pay $3000-$5000 at a big hospital
  • Consumers don’t know this
  • Actual costs of services have been hidden from consumer

The New Model of Wellness – Health Guardianship

  • Transition from sickcare to health guardianship
  • We developed a system to rid society of Infectious diseases
  • We’ve developed systems to reduce accidents: seatbelts, road rules, speed limits, safe flights, fire safety
  • We’ve built a healthcare model that reacts to diseases
  • It’s time to move from sickcare to healthcare
  • First change: Primary care now moves directly between patient and doctor
  • Second change: You get immediate access to your doctor and care team
  • Wellness, primary care, mental health and common speciality care
  • Unlimited use, pay once a month
  • This care team are your health guardians
  • This team helps you get cheaper services for services: knee replacement, MRI’s, etc.
  • Also created insurance around this model

Where Can You Find Dr. Daneshgari

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