Megan Lyons is a sought-after health & wellness expert, a Harvard graduate who left the business world to follow her passion for wellness by opening The Lyons’ Share Wellness in 2014.

Since then, she’s become a Double Board Certified Nutritionist with expertise in a variety of health topics, and has amassed over 10,000 hours of 1-to-1 nutrition consulting with clients internationally.

Megan is the author of “Start Here: 7 Easy, Diet-Free Steps to Achieve Your Ultimate Health and Happiness,” a Top 10 Amazon Bestseller in Nutrition, and hosts a top podcast on health and wellness, “Wellness Your Way with Megan Lyons.”

02:20 How Megan Got Into Health and Wellness

  • Went to Harvard
  • Joined Mckinsey consulting group and enjoyed her career for a while
  • Then decided to do something else

4:46 What Is Metabolic Health?

  • Metabolic health is how we turn food into energy
  • How you utilize nutrients for energy
  • Being metabolically unhealthy is one of the following: High triglycerides, high waist circumference, high blood pressure, imbalanced cholesterol
  • It is possible to reverse metabolic disfunction

07:55 Benefits of Blood Glucose Monitors?

  • Megan found a lot of information in her continuous glucose monitor
  • Try it for 2 weeks, or even longer if possible
  • If you can’t, then Megan helps people cut out sugary foods
  • Then, start taking 10 minute walks after the meal
  • Pair up carbs with protein and fat, it helps to blunt sugar spike
  • Next, reduce processed carbs such as bread, pasta, rice, crackers
  • Choose healthier options instead
  • Increase protein, fat and fiber

14:12 How often should people be eating in a day?

  • Eating 6 meals a day does get your metabolism up slightly, but its not good long term
  • We can serve our digestion and blood sugar better by eating fewer times and fasting for a few hours every day
  • Megan has her clients to fast for 12 hours per day to start – this is easy to do
  • Men can do better on longer periods, women can benefit from fewer hours
  • You can have three meals a day and not have lots of snacks

21:47 How much protein can we digest per meal?

  • Humans can digest 35 grams of protein per meal
  • Getting protein is another reason to eat 3 meals a day

23:25 What are great foods for metabolic health?

  • Keeping blood sugar low is very good
  • Carbohydrates from fiber are good, but carbs from sugar are bad
  • Protein, fat and fiber are good for metabolic health

27:30 Are beans and lentils much better than bread?

  • Lentils and beans have a lot of fiber and protein that slows sugar release
  • Ground flour spikes blood sugar much more than whole foods such as potato or beans
  • With naked carbs, make sure to include plenty of fat, protein and fiber

31:20 What should be the overall plan to be overall metabolically healthy?

  • You have to do good in all 4 areas
  • Sleep, stress, food, exercise

33:30 What is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the #1 cause of liver transplant
  • But this is caused by high blood sugar levels
  • The liver can start to store fats to compensate for high blood sugar levels
  • Eventually the liver can get scarred and it will be hard to reverse

38:30 Megan’s 3 Top Tips For Metabolic Health

  • Go for awe walks – look for something that inspires you in your everyday walks
  • Get a protein, fat and fiber rich meals right away
  • Get to bed 30 minutes earlier than you would

40:20 Where you can find Megan

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