On this episode, Faraz Khan and Dr Ron Sinha discuss the diabetes epidemic and how to take simple steps to slow down and reverse it.

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Dr. Ronesh Sinha is a physician and world’s leading insulin resistance expert. His work in reversing diabetes and insulin resistance in diverse populations has received global attention with front cover stories in Fortune Magazine and the LA Times.

He is the author of The South Asian Health Solution, which has been a resource for readers worldwide on insulin resistance and heart disease prevention.

Dr. Ronesh is a highly sought-after wellness speaker in Silicon Valley who has given talks at TEDx Talks and Google.

Dr. Ronesh is also the Chief Medical Officer of Silicon Valley Employer Forum (SVEF), a coalition of over 60 of the biggest tech employers in the world that impacts and influences the evolution of global benefits through innovative plan designs, administration, sharing results, and leveraging member companies to drive change in the marketplace.

SVEF members include Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, PayPal, Tesla, Microsoft, Alibaba Group, and Oracle.

Topics of discussion on this episode:

How Dr. Sinha Got Into Medicine

  • Trained as internal medicine doctor
  • Started seeing obesity, diabetes in young people (30’s and 40’s)
  • Had a diverse population
  • Wrote a book on metabolic health
  • Works with tech companies in silicon valley to educate employees on health and longevity

Why Are People Aging Faster In Busy Corporate Jobs Such As The Ones In Silicon Valley?

  • Dramatic modernization of lifestyle
  • Some of his patients were of ethnicities that didn’t value exercise
  • People were eating too many daily carbs

Why High Carbs Are Usually The Culprit Behind A Host Of Metabolic Disorders, Diabetes, Obesity And Even Heart Diseases?

  • As people get older, typically even a low carb diet is not enough to avert insulin resistance
  • Exercise and diet are both needed as big factors, stress and sleep matter as well
  • Just a generation ago, individuals were doing a lot of activity and outdoor labor
  • These days daily activities are quite low for most people
  • Even kids have insulin resistance, sometimes even at birth

What Happens In Your Body When You Eat A Lot Of Carbs?

  • Glucose has three parking lots: muscle, fat and liver
  • 80% of glucose should go to muscle
  • In type 2 diabetes, muscles dont respond to signal
  • So glucose gets converted into fat and liver

What Are The Different Types Of Fat and Which Ones Are More Dangerous Than Others?

  • Suncutaneous fat is pinchable fat under the skin
  • Visceral fat is stored around the organs
  • Visceral fat is more inflammatory

Do Different Ethnicities Store Fat Differently – Caucasians, Latinos, Asians and African Americans?

  • Latinos and asians tend to store more visceral fat and less subcutaneous fat
  • African americans have less visceral fat and more subcutaneous fat
  • Caucasians store a moderate amount of subcutaneous and visceral fat
  • A DEXA scan can be a great way to realize how to test fat stores

What Are Some Test Markers To Determine If You Are Metabolically Unhealthy?

  • Waistline measurements
  • Fasting cholesterol, glucose A1c, fasting blood sugar, fasting insulin, baseline liver function panel
  • Many people can get an advanced lipid panels
  • Coronary calcium scan
  • Continuous glucose monitors

The Difference Between Higher Glycemic Carbs & Lower Glycemic Carbs?

  • Intensity of glucose spikes is a big stressor to endocrine system
  • It can have a negative effect on the walls of the blood vessels

Why The Total Amount Of Carbs Are Important – Regardless Of Glycemic Index?

  • High carbs are problematic regardless of glycemic index
  • After a certain point, your body cannot shuttle these carbs to muscle so it stores it as fat

Where To Find Dr. Ronesh Sinha?

  • Blogs at CulturalHealthSolutions
  • Has a new podcast called Meta Health Podcast
  • Has a Meta Program to coach people in small groups
  • Instagram is at @roneshsinhamd
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