On this show, Dr. Anthony and Faraz Khan discuss how people can lose weight after age 40 and keep it off.

How Dr. Balduzzi got into health

  • His father passed at age 42 and it changed his life
  • Started eating healthier foods and working out
  • Did personal coaching and got into naturopathic medicine
  • Won body building championships in University of Pennsylvania and Vegas
  • Now he helps busy men and women lose weight after 40

What is the process of fat creation?

  • Our body is an ancient machine operating in a modern world
  • We developed fat cells to store energy for times of need
  • We have two central canals: digestive tract and spinal cord
  • Our body breaks down foods into smaller pieces that can be absorbed from the small intestine
  • The oils in our food are carried into bloodstream and then stored into fat cells
  • For carbs, they can be converted into fat as well
  • Insulin is the master storage hormone which opens up cells and allows calories to come in
  • How much you eat matters – calorie targets are important
  • It’s important to create caloric deficits but can do that via a more balanced approach

Hack for eating a big meal without weight gain?

  • Your body first uses carbs to supply glycogen to muscle and liver cells
  • After the glycogen is topped off, only then does your body convert excess carbs into fat
  • When you are about to eat a big meal, make sure you deplete your glycogen in muscles and liver
  • One easy way to deplete the glycogen is to fast for an extended time before the big meal
  • Working out before a big meal can also help deplete carbs
  • The worst time to have a big meal is when you are already topped out
  • Check out my podcast with Dr John Jaquish on how to build muscle and lose fat at the same time

What surprising things do fat cells do in the body?

  • Fat cells secrete hormones and peptides that regulate metabolism
  • Your body removes environmental toxins from your blood and stores it in fat
  • Fat cells store vitamin A, D, E, K which are fat soluble vitamins
  • Fat cells secrete leptin which helps regulate appetite and metabolism
  • Too many fat cells also release inflammatory cytokines

Are your fat cells pre-determined early on?

  • In early development, your body decides how many fat cells to keep around for the rest of your life
  • The pivotal age may be 18-22

How does body shrink fat cells?

  • The body meets your energetic demands
  • During exercise, your body may break down the glycogen or fats to create energy or ATP
  • With fats, they need to be released from fat cells
  • Then fats gets transported to the metabolically active tissue
  • This gets into the mitochondria to be burned for ATP

Dr. Balduzzi’s strategy for clients to lose weight after 40

  • We don’t do the right things
  • Business steam rolls you into making bad decisions
  • You need individual and unique health system to lose the weight
  • Morning and evening routines,
  • The first lever is nutrition – Dr Balduzzi helps you create a pro-active schedule with options
  • He standardizes the first few meals of the day
  • Secondly, bring a healthier metabolism back with something you love
  • Dr. Balduzzi prefers cardio circuit training
  • Thirdly, Dr Balduzzi provides a community aspect to hold you accountable

Where can busy men and women find Dr. Balduzzi?

Check out Dr. Balduzzi at the Fit Father Project

Get this tips to lose the weight after 40 and keep it off

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