On this episode of the Anti-Aging Hacks podcast, I speak with hair loss expert Will Gaunitz on how to use low level laser light devices to grow some of your hair back.

We discuss:

1. How A Trichologist is Very Qualified To Diagnose And Treat Hair Loss

2. Laser Light Therapy And It’s Benefits for Hair Growth

3. How to Use A Laser Light Device To Grow Your Hair, And Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Here are the show notes from our conversation:

3:00 What is a Trichologist

– Scientist of hair and scalp

– Dermatologist focuses on skin system

– Trichologist focuses on hair and scalp only

– For most people with hair loss, it’s better to start with a Trichologist

4:30 How Long Have You Helped Patients With Hair Loss

– Helping patients with hair loss for 18 years

– Has his own hair loss challenges for 23 years

– His routine includes doing something every single day for hair

6:00 Laser Light Therapy For Hair Loss

– Low Level Laser Therapy for hair loss has been around for a long time

– Laser light won Time Magazine’s invention of the year award in 2001

– Red light at 5 mw speeds up cell regeneration in scalp and hair

7:00 Is Low Level Light Therapy safe?

– Has been cleared by the FDA

– Will was one of the people using clinical laser devices

8:30 How do people pick laser light for hair growth?

– There are lots of devices and how much energy is being delivered

– Only a few studies show what really works…one of studies was done at 660 nm at 5mw at 20 mins twice a week. 90% of people had benefit at this energy

– Color of hair and skin matters

– Darker skin and darker hair requires less energy

– If losing hair for <5 years, then the subcutaneous fat layer is less so you can absorb less energy

– Will starts people off at 10 minutes twice a week with 80 diode laser, while taking into account skin type and length of hair loss

– Will uses static beam vs. pulsing beam

12:50 Lighter skin needs more energy vs. darker skin?

– Start with a 80 diode static beam device

– Dark skin, dark hair – 5-10 minutes twice a week

– Light skin light hair – 15-20 minutes twice a week

14:10 Plenty of devices out there. How does a consumer pick one?

– Functionality and compliance is extremely important

– It cannot be hard to use

– Combs….don’t use them, outdated

– Bands…you have to move them, don’t get this either

– Caps….use the right amount of energy, don’t get a device with too much energy. Will sells a laser cap (link below)

– There are clinical devices at a doctor’s office, but you must drive to them

– Will recommends using laser up to two years, and then trickle down, and only use when needed

19:00 Are there any risks with laser devices, or who is not a candidate for lasers?

– Anyone with inflammatory scalp condition, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia areata should not use laser light for hair

– These are autoimmune conditions and pointing lasers at an inflamed scalp can cause flare ups

– If you are on blood thinners, then do not use a laser

– First fix the underlying conditions with nutrition or shampoos and then use a laser

21:20 Can a laser be used for all types of hair loss?

– Can be used for all types with exception of scarring alopecias

– Use it as a growth stimulant, not to stop your hair loss

– If you fix the nutritional loss, then it speeds up the hair growth

Will’s Information:

You can check out the laser cap from Will’s website here.

I use the same device and have seen positive benefits from consistent use. 

Check out Will’s DHT blocker on Amazon and on Advanced Trichology

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