On Part 2 of this relationship podcast, Faraz Khan and John Gray go deeper into relationships and bring you some advanced tips to keep polarity and hormones up, and arguments down.

If you have not heard part 1, make sure to check that out yet as it covers all the basics.

What Are Some Tips To Stop Escalating Arguments In A Relationship?

  • If you feel an escalation is happening, just interrupt the pattern
  • Tell your partner, we are not going to talk about this right now
  • Let’s talk about something that makes us happy for a few minutes instead
  • Instead go to gratitude, happiness, or what you’re proud of

Should You Figure Out Your Traits And Look For A Partner With The Opposite Traits?

  • For men, first you have to feel attraction to the woman
  • Women should feel an interest, safety and curiosity
  • Values should be aligned
  • The biggest teaching is that neither partner should depend on the other for happiness
  • Be happy yourself, and you can depend on your partner to make you happier

Should Men Ejaculate Often?

  • IF men ejaculate more than twice a week, then testosterone keeps doing down
  • If you are single, use the time to refine your cultural skills
  • In Daoist principles, the sexual energy is better kept inside and used up only sparingly
  • When men are in a new relationship, their testosterone goes up by 50%
  • Once familiarity sets in, that free boost goes away

Why Do People Stop Having Sex After Marriage?

  • Single men have the highest testosterone
  • If you’re in a relationship, it goes down a notch
  • Likewise for marriage or children
  • If a woman has low estrogen and a man has low testosterone, this leads to a loss in attraction

How Do You Keep Alive Passion In A Relationship?

  • When you start living with your partner, then the passion is less
  • When you’re familiar with someone, its no longer sex but it’s making sex
  • It’s important to connect to the deeper part of your partner
  • For men, it’s best to not ejaculate too much
  • Women stop desiring sex when men want it more – men should not be dependent on sex or ejaculation
  • Be subtle when signaling your interest for sex

How To Bring Back Polarity?

  • Newness gives you free hormones (estrogen, testosterone, dopamine)
  • When a woman is more feminine than her man, then men feel sexual
  • Women should feel safe around a man, and men should feel successful in providing what the woman needs from him
  • Polarity keeps the passion alive in a relationship

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