Dr Thomas R. Verny is a clinical psychiatrist, academic, and author of eight books and 47 scientific papers, including The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, which was published in 27 countries.

His newest book is called the Embodied Mind and it explores our body’s ability to store memory in our cells, which is fascinating.

Here are the topics of discussion:

02:57 Dr. Thomas R. Verny’s Background?

  • Experiences during psychiatric practice led him to explore the field of prenatal psychology
  • Went to Harvard and University of Toronto
  • Submitted a paper called The Secret Life Of the Unborn Child, which turned into a book and achieved international success across multiple countries

14:00 What are the ideal conditions for a child to be born?

  • Dr Verny suggests maintaining a healthy lifestyle both emotionally and nutritionally during pregnancy
  • He also recommends conceiving with consciousness and love
  • Prenatal communication and bonding are important

20:47 How can parents help children in the early years?

  • Avoid using sarcasm and criticism
  • Pay attention to how you talk, the vocabulary and tone
  • The more you talk to your children, the better
  • When having disagreements, it is important to take the time to explain things to children in a calm way
  • Watch and support children’s inner abilities

26:40 What can parents do about trauma such as physical discipline and divorce?

  • Avoid creating an environment that promotes violence. Violence begets violence
  • When it comes to divorce, explain to the child that is not about them
  • Try to amicably separate and make the child spend equal time with both parents
  • Not to remarry or start going out with other partners too soon
  • Not to say anything negative about the other parent

31:23 How do people develop limiting beliefs or patterns? What can we do about them?

  • The shadow is the unconscious aspect of ourselves that we may not be fully aware, both the good and the bad
  • He suggests unlocking the shadow and letting out the good and the bad things

42:26 How to integrate the shadow practically?

  • Become aware that you have a shadow
  • Observe when you overreact
  • Be aware how you react when people make postive or negative remarks
  • Keep a diary and write down about your feelings and thoughts

51:26 What is the best way to get rid of traumas?

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • There is no one way that suits everybody. It is important to find what feels comfortable

58:44 Why do most people not love themselves?

  • Negativity seems to have a greater impact on your psyche than positivity
  • Many people find flaws in themselves

01:05:01 Where can people find Dr. R. Verny?

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