On this episode, Sarah Glicken and Faraz Khan discuss bone health and how to improve bone density and bone strength.

Sarah Glicken is the co-founder/owner of OsteoStrong LA, a biohacking wellness center focusing on strengthening the foundation of our body, the skeletal system.

She has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sarah has a strong belief that everyone deserves to live in a healthy body.

02:25: What happens with our bones as we get older?

We reach peak bone mass around the age of 30. After age 30, we lose 2-3% bone density every year. After menopause, women could lose much more bone mass. It can sometimes be up to 20%.

04.28: What about exercise, nutrition, movement for bone health? Can these factors slow down bone loss?

“100%. All of those things are going to support you.” So many factors can affect bone loss.

05:34: When people get osteoporosis, what is a result of that? Do bones break easier?

50% of women and 30% of men will experience a fracture due to osteoporosis. It isn’t just a fracture. There is also a pain in the body, more falls, etc.

Women’s risk of breaking a hip is equal to the combined risks of multiple types of cancer. Men over 50’s are more like to break a bone due to an osteoporosis fracture than to get prostate cancer.

10:34: What is OsteoStrong and why should people care?

OsteoStrong is a technology that strengths bones, joints and muscles. It is done by compressing the end of the bones, which triggers osteogenesis (which builds bones).

Dr John Jaquish started doing research about this disease because his mother got osteoporosis. Thanks to OsteoStrong, his mother completely reversed her osteoporosis. This definitely qualifies as an anti-aging technology.

13:00: There are different devices for loading bones. How do these different devices make bones stronger?

There are four different devices in the facility. To strengthen most of your bones, you must use all four devices.

Interestingly, anybody can do this therapy. The youngest member was 15 years old, and the most senior member is in their 90s.

16:17: Have you done scientific studies on OsteoStrong?

“Yeah, there are available studies.” One recent study showed about a 14% increase in the bone density on postmenopausal women.

They also researched the users of OsteoStrong. That research showed a 300% increase in the muscle/bone strength in four years. OsteoStrong also has excellent benefits on glucose levels.

20:51: Faraz’s experience with OsteStrong.

24:06: How many sessions does somebody need to reverse last 5-10 years of bone loss?

Everyone is going to be different. Sarah suggests people at least a year of the treatments, but some people see results between the first six months. After three months, you are going to notice strength increase, better balance, etc.

26:05: Who should not do OsteoStrong?

There are very few people this is not for. People with muscular dystrophy, unmedicated hypertension and active hernia should don’t do it. Aside from them, almost everyone can do it.

27:12: Sarah, tell us a little bit more about your facility?

There are four devices with OsteoStrong technology available at Sarah”s facility. There is also a whole-body vibration which is used as a part of the protocol.

There are also other biohacking devices. For example, BioCharger, redlight therapy device, etc. All of these devices were tested and the most important thing is that they really work.

30:30: Where can people find you?

If you are from LA, check out OsteoStrong LA. To find other locations around the country, go to

There are over the hundred OsteoStrong locations worldwide.

31:07: Sarah, what are your top three biohacks/anti-aging hacks?

Sarah is a massive fan of red light therapy. The other thing that Sarah does regularly is walking on the sand or the ground in the morning without shoes. Because of that, her back is much less tired, and it clears her mind. The third thing is breath work.

Check out other interviews I did with the inventor of OsteoStrong: Dr. John Jaquish.

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