On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, Faraz Khan asks Dr. Scott Sherr all about hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Here are some topics we cover:

1. What is hyperbaric oxygen and why do we need even more oxygen in our body?

2. The top 4 benefits of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for health, wellness and anti-aging

3. How to start using hyperbaric oxygen into your health and anti-aging protocol

Dr. Scott Sherr is the director of Integrative Hyperbaric Medicine and Heath Optimization at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions. In this role, he facilitates protocol development, patient engagement, and outreach efforts.

Dr. Scott is also an independent provider of Integrative HBOT who runs a worldwide education, consulting, and advocacy telemedicine practice. He is of the few HBOT medical professionals in the country who develops personalized treatment plans for patients

03:59 Blood oxygen saturation in humans is already 97% or higher. Why do we need to increase the level of oxygen in our blood even more?

– The amount of oxygen that you are carrying is called oxygen-carrying capacity. Because of hemoglobin, oxygen-carrying capacity is limited.

– Our body can accept much more oxygen, but hemoglobin limits our possibilities for that.

– The way to increase oxygen-carrying capacity is to defuse more oxygen into the plasma (liquid in the blood). The liquid in the blood has a little bit of oxygen in it at sea level. The pressure that we put on the chamber assimilates the pressure that we feel undersea levels. That pressure drives the oxygen into the plasma. This process changes how the body does almost everything. Delivery of oxygen to tissue increases. That allows tissue to stay alive.

08:46: Hyperbaric oxygen increases the level of oxygen in the plasma which is not going to red blood cells. That is going to enhance delivery to the tissue – Is that how it works?

– Yeah, it will push it everywhere. It is an ingredient outside the blood vessel. So more the oxygen you got into blood vessels is going to defuse out.

09:55: Does plasma usually carry oxygen?

– “Very little.” – A lot of people go to the dead sea to feel this effect. There is a great simulation of the hyperbaric environment.

13:01 How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps us to beat/prevent Corona Virus?

– There are 6-8 studies about this case. The reason for this is because hyperbaric oxygen therapy works in 2 ways.

– The first way is increasing the level of oxygen in the calculation. It can be done by saturating the plasma.

– Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can work for post covid syndrome. There are 4-5 things that hyperbaric oxygen therapy does no matter the case: 1) Reverse hypoxia 2) Decrease inflammation 3) Release stem cells 4) Kill bugs

18:48: What is your recommended protocol for hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

– “My first recommendation is not to go into the chamber too quickly.”

– The reason for that is because we are creating too much energy in the chamber. The consequence of that is creating a lot of need for nutrients.

– Biohackers should first optimize basic things.

23:21: What do you do with the patient before hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

– Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a fantastic anti-aging tool. Scott tries to focus more on a lifestyle change because it can replace everything.

– If people don’t change their lifestyle, Scott tells them that he can’t know how long is hyperbaric oxygen therapy going to last.

26:29: As we get older, we lose some blood vessels. Is a good idea to use technology which creates new blood vessels?

– “The fair answer is yes.”

– People are scared because creating more blood vessels can increase the chances of growing cancer. Cancers do not need oxygen for growth, so hyperbaric oxygen therapy is safe.

30:27: There are so many biohacking options. How people should implement tips that suit them best?

– “A lot of it depends on the specific goals they have and available resources.” – There are too many free tips that people can implement. That can be fixing sleep schedule, exercise, intermediate fasting, etc.

– *Neurohacking – People should first implement free available stuff. That’s the best advice for them.

37:25: How long does the session typically last? – Between 60-90 minutes.

37:33: What is the typical cost for one session?

– Somewhere between $175-$325 per session. It depends where are you in the country.

38:11: Are there any risks? – Yes, there are. Because of putting more pressure and oxygen, you need to make sure that your body is healthy enough to stand the pressure.

– *Pregnant women are not allowed to do therapy.

41:36: How do you work with individuals? – Dr. Scott is open to online consultations.

42:29: Where people can find you online?

“Instagram is probably the main way. Connect with Dr. Scott at @drscottsherr.

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