On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, we discuss the benefits of Hydrogen and Hydrogen Enriched Water.

On this episode, we discuss the following topics:

1. The many scientifically published benefits of Hydrogen 

2. How Hydrogen may help you with anti-aging by managing inflammation and causing better antioxidant response

3. How to mix and drink Hydrogen Enriched Water 

Alex Tarnava is the CEO of Drink HRW and Natural Wellness Now, sister corporations in the hydrogen water industry creating space in health and wellness. Alex is the primary inventor of a clinically validated patent pending hydrogen water tablet. This tablet has the capacity to supersaturate the water with quasi dissolved nanobubbles of H2 gas well beyond what any other technology in the world has produced.

Despite no formal scientific background and a minuscule budget, in just 4 years since initial R&D, these tablets have emerged as the most potent technology in a space that began 12 years ago. Late to the game, the tablets already have the most rigorous scientific validation and clinical data in an industry worth billions worldwide.

Here are the show notes from the podcast interview

Alex Tarnava background:

– Got really sick, high inflammation and got arthritis. Could not figure out why

– Was on naproxin and corticosteroid injections

– Looked far and wide, bought a water ionizer, but it did not work on him

– It didn’t help his symptoms, then he tested the water and found there was very little hydrogen in the water

– Started buying magnesium sticks and they didn’t work, so went down the road of making tablets to make this own hydrogen

– After he drank enough hydrogen, started to get better with the inflammation

– Messed up his health by eating bad foods while creating his company

What are therapeutic benefits of Hydrogen:

– There are 80 publications in humans, 1500 total publications

– Hydrogen was very exciting in vitro as an antioxidant

– Showed benefit in 170 disease models across every organ in mammalian body

– Hydrogen may raise acute oxidative stress inside cell inside non-damaging manner which produces an anti-oxidant response such as Glutathione, superoxide dismutase

– In some models it has strong anti-inflammatory response when inflammation is high, but not a great response when inflammation is normal or low

– Hydrogen helping via hormesis, via mitohormesis

Does it Inhibit Exercise Hormesis or just the Bad Oxidation

– Hydrogen may increases stress of exercise, but helps with faster recovery 

– When exposed to agent orange, it protected cells from senescense

– But don’t use this as a substitute for exercise

What are the use cases for Hydrogen Enriched Water

–  Dosing is hard for hydrogen

– Higher dose is needed for benefits, but higher dose is not harmful

– Start with 2 tablets a day with half a liter of water and drink it quickly

– Will need to take this for a few weeks to build up and see benefits

– If you are tired or hungover then you may see the benefits more so

– Hydrogen may help alertness in different pathways than coffee, and also reduce tiredness scores

– Best to dose for everyday for four weeks and then measure the difference to see the impact of Hydrogen enriched water

– Professional athletes see a difference because they are operating maximally

– There may be anti-aging benefits as well with reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation

What are the differences in Delivery Methods

– Delivery depends on where you want it

– High dose chronic levels of hydrogen has little effect, but it is beneficial in pulses

– Hydrogen rich bath is great for muscles because they are closest to the water

– For the internal organs and metabolic health, it may be best to drink it

How do the Hydrogen Tablets Work

– Tablet is blend of non-ionic elemental magnesium and acids

– The reaction in the water creates free magnesium and hydrogen gas

– The best practice is to drop two tablets in 500ml or 16oz of water and drink it as fast as possible


– DrinkHRW website

– Instagram: @drinkhrw

– Get 10% off your order with code AAH

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