I am sure you know by now how important relationships are for a longer, healthier life.

Relationships are in trouble these days, it appears much more than our parents generation.

So what’s going wrong and what are we missing…and how can we create beautiful, long relationships again…

To answer that question I bring on an expert on relationships, the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, John Gray.

How John Grey Got Into Relationships

  • Grew up in the 60’s
  • Learned meditation with Maharishi in India
  • Decided to learn about sex, love and relationships
  • Created seminars

Why Are Men And Women So Different?

  • Our biology makes a huge difference
  • Attraction is very important for the relationship
  • Hormones also play a big part in sustaining the attraction
  • You can learn to increase testosterone and estrogen, which leads to attraction

How John Increases His Testosterone

  • Intermittent fasting
  • 30-day light meal or soup fast
  • Discipline in his life

Previously, We Had Role Mate Relationships

  • In the past, when a man did his role he was happy
  • When women fulfilled her role, she was happy
  • Men did the dirty, long jobs and sacrificed themselves for their family
  • Women were the home-makers and raised children

Soul Mate Relationships Are The New Norm

  • Now women expect emotional strength or power in a man
  • When women talk about their feelings, estrogen goes up

What Is The State Of Relationships

  • They are dramatically worse in 2022 than before
  • The soul mate relationships are not happening
  • We have twice the number of single people as 20 years ago
  • We need new ways to relate to one another that are counter-intuitive

Top Tips

  • If a woman is stressed, she should talk about it and a man should listen without trying to solve the problem.
  • When woman is heard, her estrogen goes higher and cortisol reduces.
  • If a man is stressed, he should not talk about it to his partner.
  • He can discuss his emotions or frustrations with a male friend, but he should avoid discussing them with his partner.
  • Women are stressed these days, and do not have orgasms as much.
  • Talking about feelings raises estrogen in a man.
  • A man should penetrate his woman’s thoughts without trying to push her down or make her wrong.

Part 2 And Where To Find John

  • There is a lot more coming in part 2 of this episode which will be released in a few days
  • In the meantime, check out John Gray’s website MarsVenus
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