Dr. Kylie Burton, DC, CFMP, is an international best-seller with her book “Why are My Labs Normal?”

She specializes in functional medicine helping thousands of individuals with seemingly impossible health struggles, find answers, healing, and hope, even if they’ve been told their blood work is normal.

Dr. Kylie hosts the top-rated podcast Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie and has been featured on 5 international radio shows. On TV, she has been a guest on Good Morning Utah and FOX26Houston, and The List (national TV).

2:00 How Dr Kylie Got Into Health & Wellness

  • Undergrad in nutrition, then got into chiropractic
  • She realized the importance of finding root cause
  • Then became a functional doctor

06:50 How Dr Kylie Got Into Reading Labs

  • Wanted to have a brick and mortar practice
  • But COVID changed that
  • She realized that advanced tests were expensive for everyday people
  • She decided to use existing blood work to determine help people get healthy

11:40 What Information Can You Get From Complete Blood Count

  • Dr Kylie likes to see white blood count between 5 and 8
  • Nutrafil count is important
  • Over 60 means your body is fighting a bacterial infection
  • SIBO and others can possibly be detected with CBC
  • Typically, bacterial, viral and fungal infections can happen together
  • These tend to overwhelm the body
  • Lymphocytes should be under 30.
  • If higher, then you may be fighting a low grade virus
  • Bacteria, viruses can stay in your body for decades

22:00 Red Blood Cells And Iron Status

  • Iron status – an iron panel is very important
  • B12 and Folate are important

27:05 Vitamin D Is Important

  • Dr Kylie wants vitamin D to be between 60-100
  • Vitamin D helps people beef up defenses against viral or bacterial infections
  • Regular dosage of 2000-5000 IU a day. Dr Kylie recommends 10,000 IU’s per day

33:50 Why Women Deal With Auto-Immune Diseases More?

35:33 Where To Find Dr. Kylie

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