On this episode of Anti-Aging hacks, my guest talks all about posture and pain.

1. How injuries or bad posture cause pain in your body

2. How to fix your posture and live free of chronic pain.

3. As a plus, our guest even teaches you how to lose the weight from the waist down.

Today my guest is Brian Bradley. He is the VP of Brand Development at Egoscue, and is just a jedi at helping you get rid of chronic pain and resetting your body’s natural alignment. He has done a lot of work with major celebrities and athletes on teaching them how to move their bodies. He has trained some of the top names in professional sports as well as Tony Robbins.

I regard his work very highly as having an aligned posture is key to staying pain free and living a long life.

The Egoscue method teaches people to move their bodies to move the right way, and therefore get rid of back pain, or pain anywhere in their body. You are also going to provide some exercises so the listeners can get a feel for how easy Egoscue is.

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