On this podcast, Dr. Harry Adelson and Faraz Khan discuss a unique procedure called the full body stem cell makeover. Dr Adelson describes how the full body stem cell makeover.

How Dr Adelson Got Into Regenerative Medicine

  • Got prolotherapy done on his shoulder injury in naturopathic college
  • Then got into platelet rich plasma (PRP)
  • In 2010, started offering bone marrow stem cell therapy for low back pain
  • Low back pain is a huge epidemic – in terms of economic impact
  • Dr. Adelson helps people overcome pain with stem cell therapy

What Causes Pain In People’s Body?

  • MRI’s are problematic because they don’t always tell you the problem
  • Changes in microscopic activity in nerves and blood vessels can lead to pain
  • Pain can be caused either by an injury that never healed, repetitive stress or degeneration from a bad lifestyle
  • When you have a blood vessel, it grows a sensory nerve next to it
  • When this process goes awry, then it’s problematic
  • Pain can happen to anyone but age and overall health is a factor

Full Body Stem Cell Makeover

  • Take tissues from your own body, harvest and concentrate them
  • The stem cells are re-injected into your body
  • Your body thinks there is new damage and starts to heal with the help of newly injected stem cells
  • All procedures are done intravenous sedation
  • Lipoaspiration: takes 50-100 cc of fat, then draws out the mesenchymal stem cells in the bone marrow
  • New addition: Vcells (very small embryonic like stem cells) are added to the aspirate
  • Vcells could have the ability to turn into target tissues – and do not experience telomere shortening
  • vCells also release telomerase into surrounding tissue
  • Another addition is the exosomes – which were injected until June 1 2021, but are now being microneedled (as per FDA regulations)
  • Dr. Adelson used wharton’s jelly in the past – but has stopped using it

How Long Does The Full Body Stem Cell Makeover Take?

  • Just knee and shoulder can take an hour
  • Intervertebral discs, lumbar discs and neck takes two hours
  • Full body stem cell makeover can takes 2.5 hours

What Else Does Full Body Stem Cell Makeover Include

  • Dr Adelson does the entire length of spine including neck and back
  • Injects stem cells into both shoulders, both elbows, both wrists, both thumbs, both hips, both knees and both toes
  • Then Dr. Amy Killen can do skin of face, scalp – for hair wellness, penis – to improve microcirculation, women – vagina to improve elasticity and hydration of vaginal tissues
  • To check out Dr. Amy Killen’s part of the procedure, check out my recent podcast with her
  • Takes half a liter of blood from bone marrow, 50-100 cc of fat, and draws blood for vcells

What Are Results Of A Full Body Stem Cell Makeover

  • Half his practice is the busted up cowboys
  • The other half is the anti-aging crowd
  • Harder to experience results for anti-aging enthusiasts because there were fewer issues
  • People feel younger and experience improvements in fluidity and mobility
  • Dr Adelson is going to start doing epigenetic testing to monitor impact on aging

Who Does Dr Adelson Not Treat

  • Dr. Adelson does not help heavy drinkers
  • Smokers are in a constant state of chronic inflammation
  • People on narcotics – because the brain chemistry
  • Dr. Adelson has an intake process to vet individuals before treating them

How Long Do The Results Of The Procedure Last?

  • Low back pain and neck pain – 70% of people are happy (glad they did it and do not need another treatment)
  • If good, then then will require another treatment in 4-5 years
  • 20% people have had some improvement, 10-15% people have no results
  • For the anti-aging world, Dr Adelson recommends once every 5 years

Where to Find Dr Adelson

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