Jason Earle is an indoor air quality crusader, he is founder & CEO of GOT MOLD?, and the creator of the GOT MOLD?® Test Kit.

The realization that his moldy childhood home was the underlying cause of his extreme allergies and asthma, led him into the healthy home business in 2002, leaving behind a successful career on Wall Street.

Over the last two decades, Jason has personally performed countless sick building investigations, solving many medical mysteries along the way, helping thousands of families recover their health and peace of mind.

He has featured or appeared on Good Morning America, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Dr. Oz Show, Entrepreneur, Wired, and more.

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Jason Earle’s Background

  • Realized that his moldy childhood caused his allergies and ashtma
  • Got into water proofing business
  • Started a mold inspection company
  • Created a mold test kit to help democratize health for the masses

18:36 How Does Mold Impact Humans?

  • Mold is the beginning of decay
  • Can exacerbate existing conditions in the body
  • Inflammation, auto-immune diseases, headaches
  • Increases toxin load even more
  • Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome can also be made worse

26:25 How Does Mold Start In A New Construction

  • Buildings are built outside and could be rained out during construction
  • Building standards have gone down
  • VOC’s: volatile organic compounds can be harmful
  • New buildings are full of VOC’s.
  • There are petroleum based building products – shingles, sheet rock, asbestos.
  • It’s important to use products that don’t let off VOC’s
  • Bricks are better than sheet rock

36:30 If You Move Into A New Building, Can You Do Anything?

  • 1. Fix the source or remove the source: carpets and sheet rock. But this is hard to do after the fact.
  • Carpets are bad short term and long term.
  • 2. Dilute: keep windows open for as long as possible
  • 3. Use filters: HIPA and carbon filters
  • IQAir, Healthpro plus, Jasper, Air Doctor, Medify

45:08 Wood Floors Or Cement Floors or Tile floors?

  • If wood floors have been pre-finished, make sure that wood floors have not been finished with chemicals that offgas
  • Concrete is good, can be finished with low VOC materials.
  • Tile is also good – make sure the adhesives have a low VOC profile

47:32 What About Moving Into An Old Home, Office Or Apartment Building?

  • These contain a hodgepodge of materials and VOC’s
  • Its very hard to clean carpets
  • Bring a lot of fresh air in, bring in air purifiers

53:55 How Bad Is The Mold In Your Basement?

  • 75% of indoor air in winter comes from basement crawl space
  • HVAC systems are generally in the basement
  • You can fix the crawl space by fixing the air leaks
  • Otherwise its generally a good idea to only get a house with a finished basement
  • Keep homes clean and dry

59:50 How Fast Can Mold Grow In A House?

  • Within 24-48 hours, you must clean the water damage
  • You can deal with it yourself without involving an insurance industry
  • After 72 hours, the mold remediation team will need to come in

1:03:00 Where Should You Live If You Want To Avoid Mold?

  • 30% of the planet is fungi, its nature’s largest biological particulate
  • The more types of microbes you are exposed to, it’s better for your health
  • It’s just important not to have too much mold inside the home
  • Mold is just a sign of a moisture problem, keep the moisture very low

1:09:45 How Jason Helps Individuals Find Mold At Home

  • Jason provides an at-home test kit that helps you measure spores
  • Prior to this kit, you would need to hire a professional and it would be expensive
  • Jason’s test kit allows you to test multiple rooms
  • Get the full test kit here and use code antiaginghacks for 10% off
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