On this episode, Deborah Rozman & Faraz Khan discuss why your heart is so powerful, how your heart and brain are constantly talking to one another, how your brain emits a measurable magnetic field, and how you can become heart centered to manage stress, anxiety, improve cognitive function and live longer.

This interview may sound a bit woo – but the HeartMath institute is conducting scientific research on these topics. Check out the link to the research at the bottom of this page.

Deborah Rozman, Phd, is the CEO of HeartMath Inc. Deborah is passionate about accessing the heart’s intelligence at work and in all aspects of life.

Deborah has penned more than a dozen books, and co-authored with Doc Childre, the Transforming book series, published by New Harbinger. The series includes five titles, including Transforming Stress: The HeartMath Solution for Relieving Worry, Fatigue, and Tension.

She is also a co-author of the book, Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart and a key presenter in the widely popular online video course, The HeartMath Experience.

How Deborah Rozman Joined HeartMath?

  • Deborah was always intrigued with the heart.
  • She discovered that following her heart was the key to creativity and fulfillment.
  • When she met HeartMath founder, Dr. Childre, the latter started talking about heart’s intelligence.
  • Dr. Childre wanted to start an institute to research connection of the heart, brain, nervous system, body and spirit.
  • Dr. Childre invited Deborah to join and she became the executive director of HeartMath in 1991.

What Does Heart & Brain Coherence Mean?

  • Hearth rate variability (HRV) changes beat-to-beat pattern of the heart which we can measure.
  • The focus is on the pattern because that’s where people can see emotional state and emotional state changes.
  • We somebody is in the state of presence that means, heart is activated but relaxed at the same time.
  • Heart and brain coherence happens when the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system come together into a peak wave.
  • That coherent peak, based on the HRV pattern, is a sign wave in balance.
  • This was discovered to be the optimum state for improved health, immune response and brain performance.
  • It’s a very powerful state but very simple to get into.
  • An Inner Balance App was created where a person can actually see his/her heart and brain coherence in real time.

How Do Thoughts & Feelings Impact Each Other?

  • It is a two-way communication system.
  • Feelings and thoughts work together.
  • In the technology used by HeartMath, people can’t just get in to thinking, appreciation, and gratitude, they have to feel it.
  • There are many breathing techniques which can be used to regenerate someone’s whole system–heart, mind, and body, and their connection with their spirit.
  • When both thoughts and feelings are one of appreciation, care, gratitude, this causes heart and brain coherence.

Does the Heart Send Out a Magnetic Signal Beyond the Body?

  • According to research, the heartbeat creates a strong electrical signal in human body which emits a magnetic field.
  • A heart emits 2.5 watts of power with every beat.
  • You can think of the electromagnetic field – it goes all around you and can be measured by magnetometer.
  • It’s like a radio station broadcasting.
  • How someone feels is being broadcast to the field – that’s how you pick up on someone else’s vibes.

Why Is 0.1 Hertz Important?

  • If someone is using the Inner Balance Sensor and goes into coherence, they will see the peak and that’s 0.1 hertz.
  • It’s the body’s resonance frequency.
  • It is also one of the earth’s resonance frequency.
  • So the human body is aligned with the earth’s field.

How Should People Use the Inner Balance Technology?

  • When people use the technology, they build their capacity to align their heart and brain into a state of coherence.
  • This technology helps a person to build a new coherence baseline.
  • People can use it in any length of time based on the individual’s preference.
  • The more they practice it – the better their heart and brain coherence.

What is InnerBalance and emWave?

  • InnerBalance is an app on your phone. emWave is used on a computer, is a sophisticated, advanced heart-rate rhythm monitor.
  • Both display the heart’s rhythm which reflects your emotional state and helps you shift into an optimal state.
  • The technology is very easy to use. Use the included sensor and breathe along with the moving lights. 
  • As you relax, the device measures your heart rate and the prompts show you how you’re doing.

How Can People Try HeartMath?

  • Go to HeartMath and purchase one of the devices to get started
  • Thanksgiving sale is starting soon.
  • Check out all the research and science behind HeartMath.

Recently, we had discussed another device to improve mental health. Check out my interview with the CEO of the circadia device used for managing anxiety, insomnia and stress.

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