Would you like to get rid of emotional and physical pain in your body? Faraz Khan and Charles Clay discuss how to do that through an inner peace process and neuro kinetic therapy.

Charles Clay Inner Peace Coach & Healer. He is also a Neurokinetic Pain Relief Specialist.

After earning his Kinesiology degree from Washington State University, he experienced a devastating back injury while snowboarding. Despite his doctor’s orders to undergo spinal surgery, he chose to follow his intuition and began his journey to self-healing through neurokinetic therapy.

Founder of Freedom From Pain & The Inner-Peace Process

Charles offers the step-by-step Inner-Peace Process for releasing internal blocks, unprocessed emotions and negative subconscious beliefs that keep people stuck.

This guided process  helps with healing deep rooted generational wounds so they don’t have to be passed down to our children.

Charles Clay Background

  • Got a degree in Kinesiology
  • Moved to San Diego as a trainer
  • Got injured at mammoth mountain in a blizzard
  • Multiple doctors recommended surgery
  • Charles had to face heavy emotions from childhood
  • Decided to heal naturally. Found Neuro-kinetic therapy and went all in.
  • Studied under David Weinstock and became certified as a pain relief specialist

How Does Neuro Kinetic Therapy Work?

  • Helps uncover compensation patterns and root cause for pain
  • Once those are adjusted and addressed, your body can come back into alignment
  • It will take just a few sessions, not a weekly trip to the neuro kinetic therapy specialist
  • Can help differentiate if its a muscle problem, tendon problem or skeletal problem
  • Typically thoughts and emotions can also cause issues in the body

What Are Some Reasons For Pain?

  • Physical aspect of pain
  • Metaphysics – thoughts and emotions related to pain

Charles Has An Inner Peace Process

  • To release trapped emotions
  • Process subconscious patters
  • Can bring forth powerful affirmations to help heal even faster

How Do People Become Aware Of Their Thoughts?

  • People have 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day
  • Over 90% of those thoughts are the same
  • Charles created vacation vibration process to help people observe your thoughts
  • Mind and heart coherence is a great practice
  • It’s important to become an observer of thoughts and acknowledging them as they pass by

How Do People Choose Better Emotions?

  • Choosing positive thoughts can only take you so far
  • Sometimes you have to sit in your emotions to clear them out
  • Charles processed emotions by feeling more and going into the depths of emotions
  • Going into the feelings is the way through to the other side
  • The Inner Peace process that Charles has created addresses thoughts and feelings

Where You Can Find Charles?

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