On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, Daniel Tal Mor and Faraz Khan discuss ways to hack your metabolism, become more efficient at losing weight, optimizing your nutrition and lifestyle to become metabolically flexible, and much more.

If you heard my recent episode and blog post of all the biohacks I have been doing, then you will recall that I spoke of the device called Lumen.

How Daniel Started Lumen

  • Been doing startups for 17 years
  • His wife and her twin sister (Phd’s in cardio research) helped start this company
  • Measuring metabolism was very hard back then
  • The team started to explore how a device could measure fats or carbs for fuel
  • The goal is to help you hack your metabolism

How Does Lumen Measure Metabolism?

  • They spent many years on this problem
  • They thought the volume of CO2, O2 in one single breath would measure metabolism
  • Daniel met with every CO2 manufacturer in the world
  • The team now measures CO2 content…by holding breath and exhaling, can sample the CO2
  • This allows them to measure CO2 levels in blood
  • Higher levels of CO2 represent carbon metabolism

What Is The Lumen Rating?

  • Based on food, metabolic flexibility and demand, your body can switch between fats and carbs for energy
  • During exercise or fight or flight, your body should switch to carbs
  • At night, body should transition to fats
  • Score of 5: means the body is burning mostly carbs
  • Score of 1: means the body is burning fat
  • After a workout, the score can go to a 5
  • Lumen gives you a metabolic flexibility score – which is the nutritional fitness score
  • The road to diabetes takes a long time – and the lumen device will show you high carb usage much prior
  • The lumen device can help you switch nutrition and behavior

How to Hack Your Metabolism?

  • Ability to switch between carbs and fat is metabolic flexibility
  • One of the main use cases of Lumen is weight loss
  • People who are metabolically flexible can maintain a more holistic lifestyle
  • After a tough workout, your lumen score could be high as your body releases more carbs

How To Use The Device

  • Find the time to take daily measurement – at the same time
  • If you’re not fat adapted, then doing a longer fast could cause stress and release more carbs
  • The longer you fast AND you get your body in fat burn, that is good
  • Find your fuel source to best optimize your workouts
  • If you do these steps, you will be able to hack your metabolism much better

What’s Next For Lumen

  • Building tailored journeys comprised of behavior changes, nutrition changes and metabolic changes
  • Find lumen at, or social and linkedin.
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