On this podcast episode, we discuss a new way to measure your biological age via your immune cell antibodies, specifically IgG. Learn why this can be a useful marker of your biological aging and how to reverse your age using this metric.

Nikolina Lauc is a successful serial entrepreneur and CEO and founder of GlycanAge. GlycanAge allows you to measure & influence your longevity by looking at an entirely new part of biology.

Glycan biomarkers uniquely encapsulate genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors driving longevity for every human. The test is the result of over 20+ years of scientific research in the field of glycobiology, 100’s of research papers and over 150k+ analysis samples!

What Got Nikolina Interested in Glycans?

  • His father was in this field for three decades.
  • They want to understand how biology works.

What Are Antibodies and Why They Are Important?

  • They are bit slower than DNA.
  • These are more sophisticated weapons which will destroy the pathogens.

What Are Glycans and Why They Are Important?

  • Gylcans are sugar or complex carbohydrates.
  • A person has a blood group because of the Glycan found in the blood cell.
  • Glycosylation is the process where a glycan attaches to the antibodies; it also influences the antibodies in a way.

What’s the Difference Between a 25-year old and a 45-year old When It Comes To This Process?

  • There are boarded ones less the bad ones.
  • There is something called alternative glycosylation which is a different glycan binding in the different site which is similar to code mutation.

After Measuring the Gylcans, Is There a Way to Reverse Autoimmune Diseases?

  • Yes, there is a general process where it changes in natural way.

Some Interventions to Reverse Ageing

  • Excessive exercise can cause ageing; can be reverse by coming back to balance
  • Weight loss
  • Diet (every individual has a type of diet that is suitable to him or her)
  • Hormones: Estrogen is beneficial even to men and can extend the life span for 20 percent
  • Some drugs and supplements

What Is GlycanAge and Why People Should Use It?

  • It’s been in the commercial market for two years now.
  • It’s a biological age test that uses patterns of glycans on immune antibodies (IgG) .
  • It reveals the age of one’s immune system and track the progress towards slowing aging.

Differences of Ethnicities and Genders on Immune Age

  • Based on the study, Glycans correlate with life expectancy in a certain country but they just highly correlate with the development of a certain country.
  • The socio-economic impact and the environment are the primary factors.

What Is the Future of Glycans?

  • There are a lot of things that is being developed and one is on the diagnostic side—more précised diagnostic.
  • Second is potentially therapeutic.

Where Can People Find the Test?

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