Cortney McDermott is a TEDx speaker, internationally recognized expert in self-development and business strategy, and the bestselling author of “Change Starts Within You.”

Her new book, “Give Yourself Permission,” offers a transformative guide to unlocking one’s true potential, cultivating confidence, and embracing a life of fulfillment.

Cortney’s unique approach combines cutting-edge neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and practical techniques to provide invaluable insights and tools for personal growth.

02:45 How Cortney got into writing books?

  • Started writing a blog while at corporate
  • Got into industry initiatives on sustainability

07:30 How People Are Not Giving Themselves Permission

  • People have fear of moving forward
  • Cortney believes your greatest fear is that you can do it all, not that you are not enough

09:00 How Does The Mind Body Connection Work?

  • We have 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day
  • Thought impulses get connected to sensations
  • Sensations are translated into emotions
  • It’s best to feel the sensations fully

13:00 The Benefits of Feeling Your Sensations

  • When you welcome the sensations in your life, you see the beauty of the experience
  • You can stand back and watch the storms in your life
  • This can help you integrate it into your life
  • And this reduces the control that these emotions have on you

17:10 What About Past Trauma?

  • Meditation practices are great for overcoming past trauma
  • Shake out the body to release trauma
  • You can be free like a child again

21:00 How Does Cortney Apply Neuroscience In Her Work?

  • It’s important to get out of high beta frequencies
  • Getting into alpha states can be quite helpful

24:15 How To Achieve your Dreams And Be Happy At The Same Time?

  • Cortney recommends “Knowing Themself”
  • Stay in connection with your essence
  • This will allow you to be in touch with the inner part of you
  • Two of the best meditations are yawning and laughing

31:20 How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Be Confident?

  • Confidence comes from trust
  • Just relax and trust a higher power

35:45 How Do You Give Up Control And Do Productive Work?

  • Work does not need to come from hustle
  • Doesn’t require hardcore dedication any more

40:30 How Could People Be Full Of Joy Or Neutral?

  • Graceful aging is beautiful
  • It’s very important to relax
  • Give it over to a higher power

46:00 How Can People Find Cortney?

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