On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, Faraz Khan interviews Dr. Sajad Zalzala on the top longevity treatments and where to get them.

We discuss the following topics:

1. What are some of the more common longevity compounds that interested people can use?

2. How do you decide which form is best (patch, pill, injection)?

3. How you can get them without having to explain your longevity goals to your doctor (a difficult conversation)

My guest today is Dr. Sajad Zalzala. Sajad is one of the rare MD’s personally licensed in all 50 States, as well as Washington D.C. and Ontario. He has extensive experience working with startup companies in the telemedicine/telehealth field, and has been an advisor to multiple successful healthcare startups, including Pill Club, Jack Health, forHims.

Dr. Zalzala, tell the listeners who you are and what your medical background is?

– Dr. Z has a lot of experience in telemedicine.

– *passion for taking care of aging

– He worked with popular tele health medical companies like “Forhims”.

How did you get interested in longevity?

– It all started in medical school.

– He learned for longevity in a book that saved him from dropping out of medical school.

– Dr. Z was interested to learn about functional medicine in his medical school.

In your subjective opinion, where we are on the spectrum of slowing/reversing aging?

– “Unfortunately, we are still in the early days”, but the early days can be very exciting too!

– In the early days, can see a lot of progress being made in a short amount of time.

– The therapies that are available now can only slow down aging.

– We are not still able to extend the normal life limit (anywhere from 115 to 120 years).

So, you are the co-founder of the company “Ageless Rx”. Tell us about the services that your company provides?

People have access to the website where they can schedule an online consultation with Dr. Z or one of his colleagues.

– *Offering prescriptions for interested people

*- 3 Stages

You are licensed in about 50 states. How did you achieve that?

– He started telemedicine several years ago. Before that, he was working in the IT sector where he predicted an upcoming trend for telemedicine.

– When he started, his goal was to do something in longevity space. When the first opportunity came, he got into telemedicine with his co-founder.

– One of the most important reasons for aging – glucose level spikes. What is the guidance for people to reduce blood glucose levels?

– “The lower, it is better”.

– The normal level of glucose sugar level is between 60 and 90, but general guidance is to keep as low as possible. (60-80)

Can you tell us how the arm device for measuring glucose level works? Clients experience?

– “The device is called CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)”.

– There are 2 types of devices available, but Dr. Z is using one from Freestyle libre.

– The device is attached to your arm and stays there for 14 days. It gives you a continuous reading of blood sugar.

– “It always amazes me what foods and exercise effects on blood sugar”

– Our bodies usually go through a sugar level rollercoaster

What is metformin? Who should take it?

– It is divided from a plant and it is used for decades.

– Metformin is one of the most used medicine for diabetes.

– “It seems like we every day learn what metformin does”.

– “Basically, it reduces the amount of sugar that your liver releases and it also makes your insulin receptors more sensitive”.

– It is debatable how metformin helps you if you exercise and eat the right food. If you are in a bulk period, avoid taking of metformin. It can increase your muscular growth potential.

Are there any other people who should avoid taking metformin?

– “Yeah, anybody with kidney problems, liver disease, someone who is really young…”

Let’s talk about NAD?

– As we age, our body decreases the amount of newly created NAD, and we use it more.

– This results in a NAD deficiency, and NAD is required for hundreds of processes in our body

How do you help your consumers with NAD supplementation? With what forms are you providing them?

– NAD is made naturally in our bodies. To create it, our body takes vitamin B3 and converts it.

– There are a couple of ways to boost NAD

– NR and NNM are the most common supplements for boosting NAD.

– There is also an option to take NAD directly to our system. That process takes a few hours and you may have consequences a day later.

– There are NAD Patches (one patch/week is recommended dose) which you can take

Difference between NAD patches and NAD injections?

– It is not for everybody. That is the home option that recently Dr. Z started offering.

– People think that with NAD injections you can get more NAD in your blood system and the brain.

You have a age phenotypic test. How does the phenotypic test work?

– The point of the phenotypic test is to show your biological age or the phenotypic age

-The final goal is to keep the biological age much less than and chronological age.

Recommendations on improving biological age?

– If you have bloodwork, you can use an online calculator which will tell you your bio age.

– For people without recent bloodwork, Dr. Z offers that panel for a modest cost.

Where people can find more about you and your company?

– You can find more about Dr. Z on this link below:


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