On this podcast interview, Faraz Khan and Dr Jeffrey Gross discuss how to treat and fix back and neck issues and avoid surgery.

Dr Jeffrey Gross is A board-certified and fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, Dr. Gross is the Owner of SPINE, and a regenerative medicine practice called ReCELLebrate, is seeing patients in Orange County, California, and in Henderson, Nevada, as well as remotely by computer video conference.

In his practice, he offers specialized precision and concierge treatment options for patients with neck and/or back problems, as well as brain and head injuries.

He provides a comprehensive approach to evaluating the pain generators of the spine and associated areas, and digs deeper to find the source of the problem when identifying the root issues of persistent pain and injuries. 

Dr. Gross employs regenerative medicine and other non-surgical options first and foremost.  He is an internationally recognized expert in these fields.

Here are some of the items we discussed:

How Dr. Gross got into spine and neck health?

  • Has undergraduate degree in chemistry and went to medical school focusing on spine
  • Practiced medicine for 27 years
  • Recently went back and got retrained in regenerative medicine and applications in spine
  • Applying the newest regenerative techniques to help people heal their spine and neck

What’s The Difference Between Neurologist and Neurosurgeon?

  • Neurologist is a medical doctor who treats medical ailments of nervous system
  • Neurosurgeon can do surgeries for nerve problems – brain, spine and nerves

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Back Pain?

  • Most people don’t take care of the spine and don’t exercise it enough
  • We have to maintain the muscles on both sides of the spine
  • Being overweight also puts additional stress on the spine

What Are Discs and Joints?

  • Discs are the cushions between vertebrae
  • Discs start to dry out and degenerate over time
  • In the absence of a specific injury, discs are where the greatest damage accumulates over time
  • There are joints on either side on the back of the spine called facet joints

Should People Lift Heavy Weight Above Your Head?

  • If you are prepared and braced to lift weight, then it’s ok
  • Unprepared loads can cause injuries
  • Should be careful with farmers walk or crossfit type exercises

How Does Dr Gross Diagnose Back Problems?

  • First, he narrows it down to specific disc or joint
  • Then it needs a good physical exam
  • Imaging with MRI
  • Then helps people to strengthen core, nutrition

How To Do Exercises To Support Your Back?

  • Go online and get the right lumbar support
  • Don’t bend forward too much
  • Yoga and stretching is great
  • Superman stretch while belly is touching the floor
  • Swimming is great
  • Use a towel and push your head back

What About Regenerative Technologies For The Spine?

  • PRP, Stem Cells and Exosomes all do youthful programming in our cells
  • Injecting into bones did better than in the miniscus, at least in one study
  • Dr Gross finds exosomes to be most effective

Where Can You Find Dr Gross?

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