CJ FInley is an athlete, a soon to be father, and is on a mission to help people, brands, and businesses THRIVE on life, love, health, and everything in between.

I have the pleasure of being in a mastermind with CJ, so I wanted to bring him on to discuss his mission, passion and purpose and glean some life tips for myself and the audience.

1:40 CJ’s Background

  • Early childhood in NJ and New York
  • Moved to Texas to pursue his now wife
  • Had a fullride in academics
  • Got a job but realized it was not for him

10:00 Forgiving Your Parents For Their Decisions

  • How our parents made the best decisions for us in their time
  • CJ’s worked hard to forgive his parents and others for their decisions

13:35 Why CJ Started His Podcast & Why He Wants To Help Others?

  • He realized that very few people were loving their jobs
  • CJ realized that he wanted to do what he loved and wants others to do the same
  • His perspective changed when his wife’s dad died
  • CJ had celiac disease and that gave him a new perspective
  • This led him to find a podcast

21:35 How CJ Managed Celiac Disease?

  • In the beginning, doctors prescribed probiotics
  • CJ obsessed over needing to go to the bathroom constantly
  • Used alcohol and weed to numb himself
  • Decided that he was going to do something about this “problem”
  • Questioned whether he wanted to even live
  • Finally got diagnosed with celiac deisease in mid-20’s
  • Eats a balanced diet

32:50 How CJ Keeps The Passion Alive In His Relationship?

  • Their shared interests help them stay bonded
  • Workouts, reading, podcasts are some of the common interests

45:00 Running Competitive Races, Workout & Recovery Protocols

  • CJ loves the gym and staying healthy
  • Bonding with friends in a sauna after the gym or in competitive races is important for him
  • His motto is consistency and compound interest
  • He prefers to do fitness and push himself long term
  • Uses sauna and ice-baths for recovery

01:01:50 Where You Can Find CJ

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