Dr. Mike Van Thielen, PH.D. Holistic Nutrition, Health & Wellness Expert, Author, and World Record Holder in swimming, has been involved in optimal health practices, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, sports performance, nutrition, and supplementation for over three decades.

Dr Mike Van Thielen background

  • Grew up as an athlete, was interested in swimming
  • Had local records and titles
  • Recently set the world record for over 45 age group

04:55 How He Came To America From Belgium

  • Got called in to be a physical therapist
  • Settled in the Daytona Beach area

05:55 What Are The Big Mistakes We Make In America With Health & Wellness

  • Fast food is spreading in all countries now
  • Eat good healthy nutritious food is very important
  • Just providing our body with essential nutrients is very important

09:35 How He Helps Patients With Chronic Pain

  • Reviews to see if inflammation is the cause due to pain
  • Can test for someone’s inflammation using HS-CRP blood marker
  • Recommends anti-inflammatory foods to get rid of the inflammation
  • Other reason is structural damage to body

13:20 Dr Mike’s Top 3 Anti-Aging Tips

  • Beliefs control your life – work to recognize beliefs and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Neurotransmitters – stimulate oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin
  • Eat clean diet and exercise

20:35 How To Find Your Purpose

  • Lot of people are not fulfilled
  • Dr Mike does exercises to help people revisit their passions
  • He helps them start to focus on passion projects
  • The forward movement brings clarity and answers
  • This helps you control your path
  • Then you come up with plans, strategies and more
  • Dr Mike has developed the IZOD method. He’s also written a book on the same topic.

30:40 How People Can Change And Grow

  • When people decide to change, they go from comfort zone, fear zone and growth zone
  • You have to be careful of people closest to you
  • Change your beliefs to support you

36:45 How You Can Change Your Beliefs

  • It’s important to be aware of your beliefs
  • You have to make time to practice new beliefs
  • You must repeat the positive behaviors over and over
  • Meditation and visualization are very important
  • Beliefs are probably the most important aspect of change

42:50 How Long Does It Take To Change Beliefs?

  • There are many tools that allow you to get there faster
  • Some people can turn beliefs around in just a few months

45:30 How Can People Improve Focus?

  • Social media, bad food causes us dopamine overload
  • Can use productivity techniques such as pomodoro and others
  • Smart drugs or nootropics such as FocusPlus
  • You can go to TrySmartBill to get Focus+

55:10 Where To Find Dr Mike?

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