On this episode, Melanie Avalon and Faraz Khan discuss the lifestyle of a female fasting enthusiast and biohacker. Melanie shares her best fasting, nutrition, biohacking and beauty tips – these could seriously help you save time and money.

Melanie Avalon is a SAG-AFTRA actress author of “What When Wine: Lose Weight and Feel Great with Paleo-Style Meals, Intermittent Fasting, and Wine”, and host of the top iTunes podcasts “The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast” and “The Intermittent Fasting Podcast” with NYT best seller co-host Gin Stephens.

Melanie is certified as a wine specialist by the WSET, as a holistic nutritionist by the AFPA, and is a member of Mensa International. Melanie developed the top iTunes app “Food Sense Guide” to help those with food sensitivities, and she currently runs 3 rapidly growing FB groups with over 10K members.

How did Melanie get into health and wellness?

  • Was trying to lose weight in college
  • Found Atkins and became obsessed with the science of fasting
  • Started doing intermittent fasting and paleo lifestyle 10 years ago
  • Had some personal health challenges which led her to find her own health answers

Melanie Has A Book, Two Podcasts And An App

  • The Intermittent Fasting Podcast
  • The Melanie Avalon Biohacking podcast
  • Food Sense app on iTunes
  • Author of a book called What, When, Wine – originally self published in 2014
  • All links are below

Intermittent Fasting – What Does It Mean

  • Intermittent fasting – Melanie likens this to the umbrella term of different windows of fasting
  • Time restricted feeding and time restricted eating are also included
  • Alternate day fasting: Eat normally one day and either fast completely the next day OR just 500 calories on the fasted day
  • One meal a day (OMAD): Just eat one meal a day at a time of your choosing
  • Melanie eats one meal a day – at night

Why Melanie Likes To Fast

  • Your body starts to tap your fat stores for energy, hunger dissipates
  • Melanie likes the weight loss component and having more energy
  • She likes to eat the foods she enjoys
  • Helps reduces brain fog and improve energy
  • The biggest takeaway is that you should maintain a fasting lifestyle for the long term – instead of doing it temporarily
  • Check out my podcast interview with Gin Stevens, who co-hosts The Intermittent Fasting podcast with Melanie

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices

  • Melanie is a huge fan of continuous monitoring devices
  • They track your glucose levels really well
  • It’s quite eye opening to see how blood sugar can fluctuate even without food
  • Melanie learned how we individually react to foods are really really different
  • The takeaway is to experiment with your foods and see what works for you

What Are Melanie’s Top Starter Biohacks?

  • Take charge of light exposure – wear blue light blocking glasses at night. Helps wind your body down for sleep.
  • Red and near infrared light – for matching circadian rhythm and for skin benefits
  • Sleep hacks: blackout curtains, earplugs, mask, keeping the room cold, mattress cooler

What Are Melanie’s Advanced Biohacks?

  • Somavedic for “blocking EMF’s” – She has seen very good improvements for HRV and readiness
  • Oura ring – Melanie loves the oura ring to track sleep (deep, light, REM), movement, HRV.
  • Cryotherapy – cold exposure increases metabolism, turns white fat into the good brown fat, decreases inflammation and improves immunity
  • Red light therapy wand – red light improves energy production of your cells so they can do their jobs more effectively

Melanie’s Beauty Routine?

Rapid Fire Community Questions

  • Biggest disappointing biohack: Iodine supplement
  • Biggest beginner books: David Sinclair’s Lifespan, Robb Wolff Paleo Solution and Wim Hoff’s The Wim Hoff Method
  • Melanie’s serrapeptase supplement: Great for allergies, sinuses, inflammation. In the meantime, go to
  • Top 2 Favorite Actors: Blake Lively, Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp

Where You Can Find Melanie

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