On this show, I bring on two female biohackers to discuss their biohacking secrets. This was a great episode full of actionable tips you can start using right away.

Here Are Some Topics We Discuss.

How Rachel and Katie Got Into Biohacking

How They Have Optimized their Brain Function

  • Katie – used racetams, ketogenic diet, reduced fatigue, increased meditation, added hot and cold contrast therapy
  • Rachel – uses HRV tracking, oura ring, cold therapy, grounding and meditation

How They Optimize Their Skin

  • Rachel – optimizes sleep with best practices and reduces electromagnetic exposure, uses high quality skincare, dermarolling, at-home chemical peels, supplements, good lighting
  • Katie – also does many of the above, plus uses resveratrol and NMN supplements, fasts for 14-16 hours, manages chronic stress and drinks clean water

What Are Their Morning and Night Routines For Beauty

  • Katie evening routine: blue light blockers, biomat and light meditation
  • Katie morning routine: hot and cold contrast therapy, coffee, walk in the sunshine
  • Rachel evening routine: halogen lamps, bath with magnesium salts, pineapple body oil, face cleansing and scrubbing, face mask, guasha for lymphatic drainage, dermarolling, eye cream, afce moisturizer, face cream
  • Rachel morning routine: Matcha tea and honey, washes face, eye cream, neck cream and sunscreen plus red light therapy

Where Can You Find Them

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