In this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, we discuss a lot about FAT.

In particular, we discuss:

1. How your own fat is sexy as a regenerative treatment

2. How your fat can be used to reverse aging in your face, hands, and scalp

3. How fat can be used in place of fillers for longer lasting results

Doctors have been using fat transfers for decades, and a new technique of micro fat transfers with its inherent stem cells and other growth factors may do wonders for you as an anti-aging hack. This is a super cool episode. 

My guest, Dr. Edward M. Zimmerman, specializes in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic wellness for the face, body, and skin in Las Vegas, NV. He received the numerous awards as one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumer’s Research Council of America. He was awarded the 2011 and 2012 Leading Physician of the World and Top Cosmetic Surgeon in Las Vegas, NV. He was voted Silver State “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” in 2013 and 2014. He has lectured nationally and internationally for nearly three decades, published articles and chapters on the use of lasers, light, and toxins.

Why is Fat sexy as an anti-aging and regenerative technology 6:00

– Long history of fat use in the body

– Was used to fix wounds many decades ago, but the fat chunks died an caused issues

– In 1980’s, and 1990’s, micro fat became popular and was used to fill in areas of the body (face, neck, backs of hands, butts, breasts, chests, deltoids)

– Mesenchyman stem cells, preadipocytes could help with healing

How would Fat stick around 10:00

– Initially when bigger chunks of fat were re-inserted, the fat cells died and caused inflammation

– Then doctors went to smaller needles, and suctioned out fat using lipo with lesser suction

– Still, most of senior fat cells die within three days, but what they leave behind including stem cells, adipocytes, etc.

– These days, fat transfer is a combination of micro-fat and nano-fat. Fat is weaved into the tissue into the sub-dermal layer

– Fat can now survive 50-70%

– What kills fat: Smoking, carbon monoxide, going on carb free diet, starting new exercise regime.

How is Fat broken down into small particles 13:00

– Fat goes into a sterile canister to wash the fat with saline etc.

– Fat floats up, and impurities sink below which allows doctors to create macro fat, can be injected through an 18 gauge needle

– Macro-fat is useful for building structure for male and female faces, neck, buttocks (junk in the trunk). More than 50% of this fat sticks around

– Then this fat is augmented with nano-fat which is even smaller fat. 2.4mm needle then 1.2 mm needle

– Then platelet rich plasma is added to the fat, it helps to feed it, nourish it and hold the fat in place

On Micronizing the Fat, do Stem Cells survive 17:00

– As doctors get smaller and smaller with fat size (<400 microns), can see under a counter of the size of cells

– Research has shown likely percent of populations, and regenerative, mesenchymal stem cells and preadipocytes

– Noticing fat stays 2 years 

How Does Fat Compare with Fillers 21:55

– Hyaluronic gels, Restalyne, Juvederm, is a water-based cross linked product

– used as anti-aging fillers, and lasts 1 month to 1 year (8-12 months is most)

– Hyaluronic gels, we can dissolve them if needed to (don’t like the result). These are used under the eyes

– Water based gels are like gello and can flop around, so need to put them in other areas

– Calcium hydroxyl apetite for temples, sides of cheeks, building out jawline or improving the chin

– Bellafil (a plastic) is a long lasting product and is an activator (can use for temples, cheeks)

– As opposed to fillers, doctors can suction out your fat and put it in precisely in smaller areas to restore volume

– This is the micro or nano fat that can be used to raise the brow, fill in the lines

What are the Downsides of using Fat 27:50

– Fillers are very convenient, can be completed in an hour with no downtime

– Advantage of fat, if you gain weight it gains with you, and vice versa

– But requires a small liposuction, therefore it needs some planning and a small amount of discomfort

– Fat is much longer lasting

– 60-70% fat survives, and can last 3-5 years

– May require a touch-up or enhancement at 18 months

Where are People Injecting Fat in their Bodies 31:30

– Depends on where you live. In Vegas, lots of buttock and breast enhancements

– Doing macro-fat in the face was a disaster

– Now doing macro-fat and micro-fat, which is much better

– Men do it in chest, deltoids, biceps and triceps. Layering fat over the muscles can look great

What about Fat on the Scalp and Head 34:00

– Dr. Zimmerman did the procedure on himself, PRP and micronized fat into the scalp

– PRP also helps the stem cells in the base of the hair follicle

– Schedule for scalp is uncertain at this time

What is Price Range of Fat vs. Filler 36:15

– Fat can be economical, fillers 2 or 3 times equal to one fat procedure

– Can extract as much fat as needed from your body, so don’t need to pay for additional filler syringes

– Can do a lot of fat at once

Dr. Zimmerman’s contact info

– Aesthetic Revolution and Zimmerman MD

– Instagram and Facebook: @aestheticrevolutionlv

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