On this episode of Anti-Aging Hacks, Dr. Anthony Jay and Faraz Khan discuss:

1. How Estrogenics or estrogen mimicking molecules are disrupting health and making you fat, sick and infertile

2. How most beauty, bath and cleaning and kitchen products contain many Estrogenics

3. How to pick the right products and which ones to avoid – along with links to safe products

Dr. Jay earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Boston University School of Medicine, researching fats, hormones, and cholesterol.

Dr. Jay currently is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota researching stem cells, epigenetics, and infrared light.

In addition to leading AJCCo, Dr. Jay is a bestselling author of Estrogeneration.

02:38: What are fake estrogens doing inside of our bodies? Why are they harmful?

Estrogenics disrupt our natural sex hormones. Testosterone and natural estrogen are doing essential processes in our bodies, and messing with them can have a huge impact on our health.

Natural estrogen is protective in our brain and arteries. It is the same for natural testosterone.

At the end of the day, there are many issues with it, for example, breast tissue development in men, breast cancer in women, etc.

There is a connection between these chemicals and the aging process. A lot of experiments and studies showed that.

05:51: How did things get so bad so quickly?

In America, it is because politicians are really run by money. Money was always behind the scene.

In China, they have more restrictions on parabens than people in the United States have.
The second most used herbicide in North America is illegal in Europe, so that is the excellent description of the stage in America.

When you do head to head reference between Europe and America, you will see that laws in America are influenced by money.

Before  Dr Jay wrote his book, the idea of BPA Free wasn’t even a thing.
On a practical level, you should avoid storing your liquids in plastics. You shouldn’t heat up things in plastic objects too. Also, it is terrible to keep oils in plastics.

09:52: How do estrogens get into our bodies. How do disrupt hormones?

These things get in our bodies just through our diet, skin and water. Interestingly, sex hormones can get into our cells. Aside from them,  other hormones just stick on the cells.

Sex hormones just go through the cell membrane. Also, they can go through the nucleus membrane where DNA is. They can screw up your epigenetics.

You definitely want that manipulation with natural sex hormones, but we must avoid manipulation with artificial estrogens.

14:18: Lowering testosterone levels in men – How often do you see this and how much of this is related to these estrogens from the environment?

The average total male testosterone in the 1980s was about 500. In the 90s it was 400, and in 2000s it was down to 300. Right now, we are seeing people coming with 250, or lower than that.

16:29: In terms of women, there is more breast cancer than ever. How is that related? Is the estrogen helpful for the women?

It is up by 250% since the 1980s.
For example, when women are pregnant, of course, that will increase breast tissue development, as the response of increased estrogen due to the pregnancy.

The problem is that this fake estrogen is tricking women body. The body reacts like it is pregnant.

Because of that, you get abnormal breast tissue development, which turns into cancer.

There are two estrogen receptors. The first one is called alpha, the second one beta. The alpha one is not supposed to be activated, except for sexual development. The beta is supposed to be activated. Beta receptors are generally protective against breast cancers; the alpha one is causing breast cancer. These fake estrogens trigger these alpha receptors.

18: 24: Which products are worst with the estrogen levels?

Personal care products are a huge source of bad estrogen. If you buy a cheap product from Walmart, you are probably going to get in touch with these estrogens.

There are a lot of estrogens in some fragrances. Legally, they don’t have to put them on the label.
Soy has a lot of estrogens.
Process of lighting up cannabis increases the levels of estrogen, but THC and CBD are not estrogenic. 
Lavender essential oil should be replaced. It contains a lot of estrogens.

21:58: How to choose the right sunscreen. Which brand is safe?

“I tested a lot of these sunscreens. At the end of the day, if they have 20% zinc, and you can read the rest of the ingredients on the label, it is probably excellent.”

After Dr Jay published his book, they did a study on sunscreens. Government safe limits on these estrogens are ridiculous. They are too high.

One application of conventional sunscreens had oxybenzone. Seven days later, after one use of this sunscreen, peoples blood level was still above the government’s own recommended safety limit for oxybenzone. After this, a lot of countries made oxybenzone sunscreens illegal.

Dr Jay’s  sunscreen recommendations:

29:33: Let’s talk about birth control. Are the pills estrogenic and which effects they have on women?

“Not all of them are not estrogenic, but most of them are.” The main ingredient that Dr Jay is looking in them is EE2. It is clear estrogenic. It is designed to work against your liver. It won’t break down quickly.

The problem is that we are getting this estrogen without knowing it. In big cities, we drink it every day from the water supplies. The solution is to filter water with activated charcoal.

33:41: Are there any additional tips for male listeners to avoid estrogen and increase testosterone?

Using the sauna is Dr Jay’s favorite one. They did many studies, and you actually sweat more estrogen than you pee out. Make sure to sweat more.

35:22: When comes to preparing food, what we should avoid in our kitchens?

Dr Jay’s mostly uses silicone and glass. It is a little bit more expensive, but you can slowly replace items one by one in your kitchen. It is worth doing it.

Make sure to be careful with metal cans. They can contain some plastic.

Flaxseed aside from a lot of great nutrients contains a lot of estrogens. You should replace it from your diet. Make sure to buy organic foods.

39:26: How people can find you online? What does your service look like for individuals?

Dr J’s consulting company:

Dr J is mostly doing DNA/Genetic consultations.

Get the Estrogeneration book.

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