Matty Lansdown is an in-demand Nutritionist, Scientist, International Speaker, Emotional Eating Coach, & Podcast Host who uses his knowledge and expertise in psychology and nutrition to facilitate transformational health stories by helping people answer the question “why cant I just eat healthy?”.

Through his programs Matty supports women to lose weight, get their energy back, boost their sex drive, get their confidence back & be kinder to themselves.

Matty also hosts a podcast called How To Not Get Sick and Die which is one of Australia’s favorite health and wellness podcasts.

02:30 Matty’s Background?

  • His mom was a nurse, he spent a lot of time in hospitals with his mom
  • Became a molecular biologist and worked with nutritional epigenetics and elite athletes
  • Got into cancer research, started learning about eastern medicine
  • Realized that being overweight was a challenge which led to other health conditions
  • He realized that people knew what to do but they didn’t usually do it
  • He started working with mindset and people’s relationship with food

08:30 Why Do People Not Change Their Behavior For Health

  • People know what to do but they don’t do it
  • Typically people use food or alcohol to change their emotional state
  • Sugar, salt, alcohol gives you a hormonal and neurotransmitter experience – gives you a dopamine hit
  • People use food as an emotional need to fill gaps
  • Lack of skills to manage emotions often leads to overeating

15:30 What Drives The Emotional Need To Eat More?

  • Pizza or ice-cream fixes the bad day people might have had at work
  • Also, a birthday party can go the other way
  • People want to feel love and connection

20:20 What Needs To Get Fixed For People To Overcome The Unhealthy Patterns?

  • Instead of adding more stuff like healthy foods, meditation, healthy practices
  • Matty prefers to remove a few things
  • Reflect on your life and why you eat the foods and the way that you do
  • Be curious about your habits
  • This will give you deeper insights
  • Otherwise only a scary diagnosis or family death will give you the impetus to change

26:00 What Role Does Trauma Play With Eating Habits?

  • There are two schools of thought
  • Food consumption is a trauma response: in childhood food was scarce
  • Some people get hooked on sugar right after a traumatic event
  • For other folks, they can just be addicted to sugars

28:45 Why Can People Not Stick To A Diet?

  • People never dealt with their emotional trauma and relationship to food, so the eating continues.
  • Some people feel so different after massive weight loss that they want to go back to who they were

34:15 What’s The Ideal Way With To Start Behavioral Change With Food?

  • Finding a reason and motivation to change is important
  • Matty believes in one tweak a week – make changes slowly so they stick

37:00 Why Does Willpower Not Last Long Term?

  • It takes you too far outside your comfort zone
  • The new health habits get incorporated into the identity – this is how it works best

38:50 How You Can Work With Matty?

  • Matty wants his clients to join a community that has the same goals.
  • The community helps you overcome challenges with family or friends not supporting you
  • Once a week, they do zoom calls
  • People are encouraged to share what’s going wrong with their diet so they can get support and heal

43:00 Where You Can Find Matty?

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